Cooking Can Be That Easy

Simply boil the curry and assemble the blanced ingredients to come up with this delicious noodle dish!

Easy dinner making with these healthy ready-made paste & soup stock by Food Yo” 

Yes, 100% natural ingredients, with no msg, no preservative and artificial coloring. Yes, just like our homemade. Taste wise, I liked the curry and laksa pastes a lot.

Just store these frozen flat packs easily in the freezer. Thaw in advance, or simply place the frozen paste in the pot to melt and boil. Other than the basic curry mee and laksa noodle, I used the pastes to cook many different dishes for my lunches and dinners, all ready in 10-15minutes. 

For quick soup boiling, simply add your ingredients to the flavourful chicken or pork soup stock, safe you the hassle of getting the chicken and bones for its long boiling process just for the soup base. Food Yo pack does it for us now. :)

My Hong Kong-style macaroni soup with ham breakfast, using the ready made pure pork broth.
That simple to cook a nice meal. :)

Just using the pork broth (or chicken soup stock for lighter flavor), add boiled macaroni and shredded ham in to.

I used laksa paste to make my chicken “curry” mee, too. In fact, I preferred this way. :)

The curry paste was put into better use, indeed. I cooked my favorite curry chee cheong fun (steamed rice rolls), many times.

Stir-fry lot of dried shrimps with oil, may add some chopped garlic, too. Pour in curry paste and some chicken/ pork soup stock. Prefer it thicker, just use curry paste.

I did not even thaw the frozen paste as per direction. Just break the solid paste half to fit into my pot, let it melt slowly. Of course, it’s easier to thaw it first. :)

Laksa with thick noodle and yellow noodle this time.

If I am feeling lazy, I just heat up the curry paste to make my “straight-forward“ dressing sauce for steamed rice rolls and yam cakes, like this….

Simple heat up the paste without diluting it. You may add more coconut milk to add creamy texture though.

At times, I will use the paste to stir-fry curry chee cheong fun.

Fried Curry Chee Cheong Fun, garnished with pork floss, sesame seeds and cilantro.

Stir-fried version of curry Chee Cheong Fun. Stir fry chopped garlic, chopped onion and shredded carrot with oil, add in cut rice rolls, add in curry paste (2 packets for servings of 2-3 for wetter dish). May sprinkle some salt and sugar for more flavor since rice rolls taste more bland by nature.

If you are using less curry paste to make it less spicy for the kids, simply add the chicken/ pork broth as substitution.

One good thing is, these are more affordable than expected. 

Order from http://www.chophupchong.com.sg 

The must-keep paste packs in your freezer, for anytime cooking. :)

Free delivery with $30 spent, or just pay $5 delivery (limited period). 

Launching prices: 

Laksa:  1 portion of 250g: $2  Buy 5 portion: $9

Curry:  1 portion of 250g: $1.50 Buy 5 portion: $7.50

Pork/ Chicken stock: 1 super large packet of 3kg: $10.90 

Ask the supplier direct, if you have further questions on their products and prices. I am just sharing the cooking convenience, after some sample tasting. ~Food Yo

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