Roti Prata Recipe (印度煎饼)

Which flavor for you? 喜欢哪一款?

“How to flip roti prata easily even for the first time?”

Come, I’ll bring you to India now! Just kidding…. let’s eat roti prata. You don’t need to order expensive take out, make your own from scratch at home. 

来,我现在带你去印度!开玩笑的啦…… 吃吃吃,要 prata kosong 还是 cheese prata? Take order now,来,我在家里做给你吃!

Plain Roti Prata, or Roti Canai Kosong

Serves 10 pieces 
500g plain flour 
300g cake flour 
2 tablespoons of condensed milk 
1 tablespoon of cooking oil 
1 teaspoon of salt 
1 egg 
250ml tap water 

500克 普通面粉
300克 低筋面粉
2汤匙 炼乳
1汤匙 食用油
1茶匙 盐
1个 鸡蛋
250毫升 常温水

Hand knead is fine. You don’t need a machine. :)

(1) Mix egg, oil condensed milk together. Combine plain flour and cake flour. Add salt into flour mixture. Combine egg mixture with flour mixture. Mix them briefly with chopsticks first. 

(2) Then, discard chopsticks, use hand to knead when started adding water in batches. Slow and gentle kneading until soft dough is formed. 

(3) Divide dough into smaller balls. Oil hands, take one small ball of dough, pinch the middle of the dough ball using thumbs. Fold to “insert” dough from the sides around edges towards the centre. *See video demo

How to make smooth dough balls before flipping it to cook like a “Pro” 😄

(4) Rub dough ball with soft butter. Repeat step for the rest of dough balls. Place them together, cover and rest for 3-4 hours. Rest 6hr or even overnight, if you like your prata with more crispy and fluffy texture.

(5) Ready to cook? Bring a “rested” dough ball on the oiled table top, oil your palms, too. Press the dough lightly to flatten it into a thick disc. Start to flip the flattened dough. Add your choice of fillings eg egg, cheese, banana, sugar, etc. Or, make the basic plain prata. *See video demo

(6) Heat pan with oil over medium fire. For prata kosong, the flipped dough would have been coiled (*See below photo). Press the coiled dough into round shape, place into heated pan. Brown and crisp both sides of the prata. Sprinkle more oil during the pan frying, for more crispy texture. Serve hot with your favorite curry. 

Coiled prata dough after the flippings, ready to be cooked.



(3)将面团分成大小相同的剂子。给双手上油,取一团剂子,用拇指按压面团的中间。绕着面团边缘捏向中间,像是把面团塞进中间去。 *请参阅视频演示


(5)准备好煮了吗?将一个醒好的小面团放在上油的桌面上,也给您的手掌上油。轻轻地将面团压平,开始翻转,扯薄。制作基本的素煎饼,还是添加您喜欢的馅料,例如鸡蛋,奶酪,香蕉,糖等,都行。 *请参阅视频。



A plain prata (exclude dipping curry) counts about 150kcal.


Roti Prata with my Dhal curry

As for the resting of dough part, you may also make the dough the night before, cover and let them rest in the refrigerator overnight. Just bring them out to room temperature about 1hr before cooking. 

Slow “proofing” (long overnight resting) helps to make dough balls even more pliable and enhance its flavor too. 

Rested and greased dough balls



Tips: Take it slowly on the kneading part. Resting of dough is also important so that the gluten will get subsided in time. 
*Adjust the amount of water to achieve best soft dough consistency. 
* 常温水的份量可以多少调一下。

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