Quick & Easy Handmade Bread Rolls (简易小餐包)


My soft and fluffy dinner rolls. Ready in Just 1.5 hours, handmade from scratch to table. It’s perfect for beginners!

Glossy bun top, with the melted butter glaze.

Actually…… I wanted to make dinner rolls for my western dinner tonight, and they turned out to be the kopitiam “太空包” (big square bread roll) size… But it’s still great, all sizes work. 😂😂 

My recipes are good for homecooked… not very consistent in sizes and looks… but it is sure easy to make (I don’t usually make things complicated! LOL), and taste nice (ok, ok… quite nice….. 🤣).

OK, I promise I will make my food more pretty….. 🙋🏻‍♀️🙈 Now, let’s bake together!


The usual size for a dinner roll. It’s just soft and fluffy!

Yields 10 big/ 20 small rolls 
625g all-purpose plain flour (5 cups) 
375ml warm milk (1.5 cup) 
45g of butter, melted 
2 tablespoons of instant yeast
1 medium egg, room temperature 
75g sugar (1/3 cup)
1/2 teaspoon salt 

Glazing: Additional melted butter for the bun top brushing.

625克 普通面粉(5杯)
375毫升 温牛奶(1.5杯)
45克 牛油, 融化
2汤匙 速溶酵母
1个 中等鸡蛋,室温
75克 糖(1/3杯)
1/2茶匙 盐


Quick glance on summary of the baking method

(1) Mix together 375g (3 cups) of plain flour with all other ingredients. Hand mix (just barehand) them well for about 3 minutes. 

(2) Add balance 250g (2 cups) into the liquid batter to form soft dough. Knead for about 3 minutes. Cover dough with damp cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes (dough should rise into double). 

(3) Deflate the dough, roll out and divide into 20 small balls of dough (golf ball size). Shape into smooth round dough and arrange into greased baking pan. Cover and rest and rise the arranged doughs for another 30 minutes. 

(4) Preheat oven to 170deg Celsius for 15min (when the dough is resting half way). Bake on second lower tier rack, for 20min (last 5 min may up the heat to 190degC to brown the top better).

(5) Once baked, brush melted butter on the hot rolls. Cool it to serve. 

See how soft and bouncy of the risen dough….



(3)轻轻地捶面团排气,揉开并切成20个小剂子(约高尔夫球大小)。把1个剂子搓圆,从边边捏起往面团中间塞形成光滑的面团。所有剂子揉好,排放入涂好油的烤盘里 (留点空间给2次发酵)。盖好,再静置30分钟。



It’s double the usual dinner roll size. Lol

1 large bread roll counts about about 160kcal.
1 大块餐包约160卡路里。

It’s so therapeutic to press and see the soft bun peels… 😄

Tips: Just plain flour, no need bread flour or anything in this. Just hand knead, no need mixer or even a spatula.
*Dough must be soft, slight stretchy (when pull), and slightly sticky on bowl when lift it up.
* The top of the bun will be crusty and hard when just out from the bake. No worries, it will cool and soften shortly. 
*Like your rolls sweeter, add more sugar. 
*Baking duration may vary a bit using different oven. Do check the progress towards the end of baking time.


Dinner roll is best to go with western style dinner!

P/S: If you like my recipe, please give me credit for my hard work. Feel free to adapt my recipe, but kindly link it back to this. thank you :) 如果您喜欢我的食谱,请多支持,将此食谱链接附上回发过来。 :)

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