Double-Boiled Herbal Chicken Coconut Soup (鸡炖药材椰子汤)

Herbal Tonic Soup with Chicken and Coconut in dinner

“Simply tasty, healthy and easy.”

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Chicken and Coconut Soup is healthily tasty, and it’s also helping people to recuperate from after exercising due to its high potassium property as well as antioxidant found in the coconut water. Of course, the herbs used in my recipe yields great effect in overall health effect to body immune system, lung nourishing, brain & bone development and liver detoxification. 

Long story short. This soup allows us to enjoy the taste while absorbing full nutrients from it. :)


长话短说,这椰汤使我们可以在吸收所有营养的同时享受它的美味。 :)

Tired of reading? Watch cooking video here. :)

Written recipe [in both English & Chinese]:
Serves 2
2 large fresh young coconut (with coconut flesh and water in it)
2 chicken legs, medium size
4 dried oysters, soaked for 15min 
Salt to taste

Seasoning (A) for chicken legs: 
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
Dash of sesame oil 
Dash of black pepper 

Herbs (split into 2 portions each): 
10-12 pcs of Solomon’s Seal Rhizome (Yu Zhu) 
4 slices G. Elata (Tian Ma) 
2 small sticks of ginseng roots
2 slices of licorice (Gan Cao) 
2 red dates 
Handful of wolfberries 

Pre-scoop the coconut meat out of the coconut shell first, or remain intact to boil this tonic soup. It’s up to you.

2大颗 新鲜椰子(含果肉和水)
2个 中鸡腿
4只 蚝干 (蠔豉), 浸泡15分钟
适量 盐 

1汤匙 酱清
少许 麻油
少许 黑胡椒粉

10-12片 玉竹
4片 天麻
2根 人参
2片 甘草 
2个 红枣
适量 枸杞

The herbs used in this recipe

(1) Marinate chicken drumstick with seasoning (A) for 15min. Rinse the dried oysters and set aside for later. 

(2) Use a cleaver carefully chop around open the top of the coconut husk. Pour the water from inside the coconut into a bowl, set aside for later. You may use a spoon to scope out the coconut flesh inside, or just leave the flesh intact as it is.

(3) In an emptied coconut shell, put in the herbs, marinated chicken drumstick, 2 dried oysters and salt. Slowly fill in with the coconut water until full. Repeat the step for another coconut shell. 

(4) Place the filled coconuts on a metal mesh plate in a large pot. Fill the pot with 1/3 level of water. Cover the pot, turn on medium-high heat and let coconuts simmer for 1.5hr. Just make sure always have water in the pot throughout the double boiling process. Once ready, serve immediately. *Refer to the photo below





New style of “double boiling”, in the coconut shell. And, I don’t do pure steaming as the thick coconut shell uses much longer time to cook the ingredients in it. I do the submerging method. Water in pot should not be over half to avoid the rolling water spill over into the soup.

If you are thinking why dried oyster? Can I don’t add it? My answer is: Yes and no. Yes, according to my style, cooking is versatile. As long as you like your cooking, do whatever adjustment to the ingredients, condiments and measurements, as desired (I do always have different adaptions of the same old dish!). No, because fried oyster helps to elevate the flavor of the soup! Its saltiness brings up the full flavor as well as balances up the excessive sweetness Of the coconut soup. Most importantly, dried oyster aids in liver detoxification. It also supplemented the absorption of calcium to our bone health. So, why not? :)

为什么蚝干?可以不加吗?我的答案:Yes和No。是的,根据我的做菜风格,烹饪是自由的,多元化的。只要是你喜欢吃的,那就尽情地把配料,调味和份量作调整吧(我也经常把同一款菜式还来改去的!)…. No的话,是因为蚝干有助于提高椰汤的味道呀!它的咸味能带出并平衡椰子汤的甜味。最重要的是,蚝干有助于肝脏排毒。它含有的磷还能帮助我们的骨骼吸收钙质。那么,为什么No呢? :)

Remove chicken skin for less oily soup. Only if you don’t like to eat its skin. :)

A bowl of chicken coconut soup counts about 300kcal. 一碗鸡炖椰汤约300卡路里。

The taste of this tonic soup was heightened by the natural sweetness of coconut water.

Tips: If you would like to eat the coconut flesh in the soup easily, choose the step of scooping out the coconut flesh first. Then, return it with the rest of the ingredients to cook altogether. 
* This soup is maximized with the natural sweetness yielded from the coconut water which I truly loved it. If you prefer less sweet but more to the savory taste in the soup, simply replace half of the amount of coconut water with plain water.
* All Chinese herbs are commonly available in most Chinese medical shops and some supermarkets.  

* 我非常喜欢这汤里椰水所带出来浓郁的天然甜味。但如果你不太喜欢带甜味的汤,可以选择用清水代替一半的椰水量。
* 需要的药材都可以在附近的中药铺和超市买到。

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