Singapore Chilli Crab (鴻運當頭-新加坡辣椒螃蟹)

Singapore dish – The chili crab

This is the moment for a taste of Singapore…..


Serves 4-5


1 – 1.2kg of live meat crabs (about 2-3 medium crabs)
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 slice of ginger, grated
1 tablespoon of sambal chili  

2 tablespoons of sweet chili sauce 
6 tablespoons of of ketchup 

4 tablespoons of sugar

1 tablespoon of Mirin

Pinch of salt and coarsely grounded black pepper
½ cup of water
2 large eggs
2 tablespoon of cooking oil

Pre-frying crabs:

2 tablespoons of plain flour 

1 egg white, lightly beaten

1 cup of oil (to pre-fry crabs)



1 – 1.2公斤 活肉蟹(约2-3只中型斯里兰卡螃蟹)

2瓣 大蒜,切碎

1片 生姜,磨碎

1汤匙 三岜辣椒

2汤匙 甜辣酱

6汤匙 番茄酱

4汤匙 糖

1汤匙 味琳

少许 盐和粗黑胡椒

半杯 水

2颗 大鸡蛋

2汤匙 食油


2汤匙 普通面粉

1个 蛋清,轻轻殴打

1杯 油(预炸螃蟹)

Remember to cook more gravy for the delicious fried buns!

(1) Wash and part the crabs. Keep crab roe intact with crab shells.

(2) Prepare hot oil in wok. Mix egg white with crabs, sprinkle plain flour on the crabs, and steep in hot oil for 2 minutes, or until crabs are mostly cooked and lightly crispy. Set aside. 

(3) Clear away excessive oil in wok, left only 2 tablespoons. Medium heat, add garlic and ginger, fry till fragrant. 

(4) Add sambal chili and sauté till aromatic. Add sweet chili sauce, ketchup and water. Stir to combine. Add salt and sugar, followed by crabs. 

(5) Reduce heat to low fire, cover with lid for 2 minutes. Break eggs into a small bowl, briefly beat the eggs. Then, stir in egg to form egg drop. Heat off and dish up. Serve immediately with fried mantou buns. 







Red chili crab symbolizes good luck ahead!

Calories of a decent portion of chili crab counts about 350kcal. 


Tips: Add more water, if more gravy preferred.

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