7th Day of Lunar New Year (初七人日好兆头)



用七样好意头的菜煮在一起吃,就是为了讨个好兆头。吉祥如意,顺顺利利,好运来!那本身觉得这7-8样就是不错的选择啦…… 看看那个适合您,就煮吧!

Today’s 7th day of Chinese Lunar New Year, it’s also known as Ren Ri (human’s birthday). Yes, 7th day, and Chinese people love to attain auspicious omen by having the right lucky food. Here’re my 7-8 types of favorable vegetable to begin with…..


7样菜的吉祥寓意 :
Your seven favorable types of vegetable & it’s symbolical meaning:

1)蒜 (garlic) – 有(钱)算 (Counting your money)

2) 紫菜 (seaweed) – 紫气东来 (Propitious omen coming your way) 

3)青葱 (spring onion) – 聪明伶俐 (Clever & Sensible) 

4)红葱头 (red shallot)- 鸿运当头 (Fortune shines down)

5)洋芋 (taro) – 洋洋得意 (Triumphant) 

6)包菜 (cabbage) – 包你发财 (Guaranteed Wealth) 

7)发菜 (black moss) -发大财 (Big Fortune!)

Bonus: 芫荽 (coriander leaves, yán sui) – 延年益寿!

Tada! Here’s my bowl of goodnesses, with even more goodies in it!!

温馨提示:就选七样适合你意头的菜好了! 恭禧发财!
* 芋头切小条状先炸过,再入汤煮软。一来口感更好,二来芋头不会在汤里煮久了糊掉。
Tips: Some of you may not able to get all exact types, and here I have bonus type for you to choose from! Or, to see which sevens suit you more, Okay.. Gong Xi Fa Cai!
* Yam to cut into thick strips, fry (or air fry) first before adding to soup to boil until soften. Pre-fried yields better consistency in the yam and also to prevent it from disintegrated in the Soup after long boiling.

最后,更祝贺大家…… 天天开心!
Last but not least…… wish everyone here: Happy REN RI!


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