Express Green Chicken Curry (简易青咖喱鸡块)

“It’s more than just tasty……”


Express Green Chicken Curry (简易青咖喱鸡块)

For the busy working class and some amateur home cook, this instant paste is definitely one of the best options for getting your dinner fixed quickly. Not only it is tasty, but healthy addition to a recipe. I prefer NewMoon brand. 




400克 鸡柳,切成小块,酱青调味

1包 NewMoon绿咖喱酱

2个 泰国茄子,切块

1个 胡萝卜,切厚片

100毫升 椰奶

50毫升 清水

2汤匙 橄榄油

泰国罗勒叶 适量

2-3根 小辣椒 (个人喜好)

Serves 5


400g chicken fillet, cut and seasoned with light soy sauce 

1 packet of NewMoon premium green curry paste 

2 Thai eggplants, cut 

1 carrot, sliced 

100ml of coconut milk 

50ml of water 

2 tablespoons of olive oil 

Handful of Thai basil leaves 

2-3 small chili padis (Optional) 


(1) Heat wok with oil over medium fire. Sauté chicken till almost cooked. Add eggplants and carrots. 

(2) Add NewMoon green curry paste, Thai basil leaves and chili padis, followed by water. Simmer for 20 minutes. 

(3) Add coconut milk. Ready to serve. 


(1)用中火加热油。 微煎鸡肉块。加入茄子和胡萝卜。




Adding of basil leaves and chili padi is optional. 



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