Peach Gum Dessert Soup (桃胶糖水)


Peach Gum not only making the soup look more beautiful, it’s definitely heathy and full of nutritional goodness.

What is Peach Gum?
Peach gum is a natural resin secreted from the peach tree, formed in amber like crystals on the tree. Peach gum is pure plant base, it has soft & silky consistency, and will turn pale & translucent with long cooking.

What so great about having Peach Gum?
Not only consuming bird nest or fish maw help us to achieve better and more elastic skin & complexion, this peach gum (or peach resin) does the same with its richness in collagen, amino acid and fiber, and more. Peach gum also helps to achieve better digestive and cardiovascular systems. The best part is, peach gum is less expensive to consume regularly.

Similarly, there are different grades of peach gum. Try getting those with less impurities for better quality. Having said that, some black colored impurities are to be expected no matter what. Simply soak the peach gum in clear water for at least 5 hours, or overnight, to remove any black impurities. Also expect the peach gum to expand and soften.

Weather is getting hotter now, quick cook this to nourish yourself!





It’s just so simple to stay health and pretty.

Serves 5-6
2 tablespoons of peach gum
1 tablespoon each of sweet and bitter apricot kernels
1 – 2 tablespoons of dried longan
1 ear of snow fungus (dried usually)
2 large red dates

1/2 green papaya, peeled, deseed and diced
1 large lump of honey rock sugar

2汤匙 桃胶
各1汤匙 南北杏
1 – 2汤匙 龙眼干
1朵 雪耳(通常晒干)
2个 大红枣

1大块 蜂蜜冰糖

(1) Soak peach gum and snow fungus for at least 5 hours, or overnight, until they are softened and plumped up in size. Drain and trim away impurities. Cut snow fungus into smaller florets.

(2) Boil a large pot of water over high heat. Add in all ingredients, except for papaya and rock sugar. Bring it to a boil again. Reduce fire to low, and simmer for 45min.

(3) Add papaya and rock sugar, continue to simmer for another 15min. Heat off. Serve hot or chilled.




1 bowl of my snow fungus, papaya and peach gum sweet soup counts about 120kcal.

Tips: Adding of sweet sand bitter apricot kernels is a personal choice as I like the crunch adding to these soft gluey ingredients. These nutty goodness also helps to nourish lungs and heal coughing.


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    1. Peach gum is commonly available in Chinese herbal/ medical shops in neighbourhood areas in Singapore. There are a few prices depending on its quality, eg from few dollar to few tens dollars per packet. Actually most are fine, just that the higher pricing the less impurity in the peach gums will be. Aka less washing/ picking job. In general, it is not expensive, much cheaper than bird nest. :)

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