Stir-Fried Milk (炒鲜奶)


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It’s the same like how I cooked on TV show. Stir-Fried Milk or Steamed Milk Dish, both are the best dishes you shouldn’t missed! 跟我在电视节目上煮的一样。不论是炒鲜奶还是蒸鲜奶,两种做法都是你不能错过的好佳肴!

Once again, thank you for watching the cooking program, <Hey Chef! S2>, on Channel 8, which I had the honor to take part in one of the great episodes. From this experience, I learned to master this (century old) legendary Chinese dish and some special dishes which easily resemble at home. (Thank you thank you)

If you would like to cook these healthy yummy milk dishes, here I have the video in Toggle, for your reference:
<Hey Chef!S2 ~ EP 4>

Recipe in writing as well as my way of mastering it thru Chef Pung is also shared here:

PatriCa has mastering the milk dishes!



PatriCa has mastered the skill of preparing authentic milk dishes thru the guidance of Chef Pung


The perfect stir-fried milk

Serves 4
200ml of full cream milk (fresh or skimmed)
5 large egg whites
5 fresh prawns, peeled and diced
3 fresh scallops, diced
1 small piece of fresh fish fillet, diced
1 bowl of broccoli florets

1 teaspoon of corn starch
1 teaspoon of sugar
1+1 tablespoon of olive oil
Pinch of salt
^Extra pinch of salt, sugar, pepper and corn starch for seasoning seafood

Eggs and milk ratio should always be 1:1

份量 4人
200毫升 全脂牛奶 (新鮮或脫脂均可)
5粒 鸡蛋清
5只 鲜虾, 切丁
3个 带子,切丁
1碗 西兰花

1茶匙 玉米粉
1+1汤匙 橄榄油
1茶匙 糖
盐 适量

(1) Season seafood with additional ^seasoning for 10 minutes. Reserve for later.

Combine milk and seasoning first, before mixing in the egg white.

(2) Separate egg yolks from whites and use only the whites. In a large bowl, mix together milk, corn starch, sugar and salt. Add egg white and stir to combine.

First, blanch broccoli, followed by diced seafood. Drain off water. Then, saute blanched seafood till golden brown with little amount of oil.

(3) Boil enough amount of water in wok (add oil and salt), blanch broccoli florets. Dish up, drain and arrange on a large serving dish. Thereafter, blanch diced seafood. Heat wok with 1 tablespoon of oil over high heat, quick saute the blanched seafood, dish up and reserve for later.

Pour in milk, tilt wok to spread milk, use spatula to scrap aside semi-set milk. Repeat action.

(4) Reduce fire to medium heat, add another 1 tablespoon of oil in the same wok, pour in milk mixture. Slightly tilt wok to spread the milk, scramble milk by pushing semi solidified milk to the side with a spatula. Repeat scrambling action till milk is set (clouds form). Return sauteed seafood and combine with fried milk. Dish up, and serve hot.

Smooth and evenly cooked milk dish. The key is to wrap the dish tightly with cling wrap before steaming.

Steamed milk dish: To steam, I would suggest adding more milk to yield smoother and more wobbly consistency. Add extra 50ml milk to the existing recipe. Wrap the dish tightly with cling wrap, steam on high heat for about 20 minutes. Serve hot.

Steamed milk dish for about 20 minutes. If added with extra amount of milk for smoother consistency, may increase steaming time by 5 minutes.


(2) 将蛋清与蛋黄分离,留下蛋清备用。在大碗中调入牛奶,玉米粉,白砂糖和盐,搅拌均匀。再加上蛋清混合均匀。

(3) 煮沸适量的水 (加盐和油),汆烫西兰花至七分熟捞出摆盘备用。然后汆烫腌制好的三鲜丁。另外热锅,加入1汤匙橄榄油,将汆烫过的三鲜,迅速煎至金黄色 ,捞起待用。

(4) 另加1汤匙油中火烧热,将混合好的牛奶倒入锅中,把成半凝固的牛奶慢慢推开,重复动作直至牛奶成一片一片云朵般的固体状态,再放入三鲜一同翻炒即可。

Steamed milk with seafood taste a lot better than steamed whole egg, sometimes. Yum~


Heavenly tasted milk dish, feel free to eat more without guilt! It’s just so healthy and light!

A serving of my healthy delicious stir fried milk with seafood counts about 100kcal. Steamed milk counts about 80kcal.

Thank you~

I would like to thank also my guests who rendered their support and time to attend my food tasting session during the filming. Siew Jun of Monniker Cafe, and Daphnie Chong.

Tips: Use thick cling wrap to seal the top of the dish.

Tips: Try using the thicker type of cling wrap which meant for steaming purpose. It’s easily available at major supermarket.
* Put the milk dish to steam only when the water is rolling boiled.
* Toppings of seafood is added by choice and preference. Personally think it elevates the overall flavor of the dish.
* Pat dry prawns before marinating is the key to successful marination.
* To yield bouncy effect of the prawns, soak prawns in iced water and keep refrigerated for several hours.

Another tips: Watch the heat! High fire may cause the milk to burn easily.

* 蒸鲜奶时,等水烧滚后才把盘放进锅里蒸。
* 海鲜用料只是按个人喜好和选择而加的。本身觉得它能提升这道菜肴的整体味道。
* 腌制虾成功的关键在于腌制前必须把虾抹干水分。
* 想达到虾肉QQ的效果,把虾浸泡在冰水里冷藏数小时。

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