Crackling Roast Pork (Siu Bak) 香脆烧肉


Post & Recipe in English and Chinese with Video (中英食谱附录像)

Crunch on the skin & juicy in the meat that worth the calories!

Homemade roast pork is the best! 自制的烧肉最棒了!

It’s definitely one of the best recipes here. It’s not the simplest, but surely the easiest method adopted in making this “crisped on the skin and moist in the meat” roast pork. Try and taste to believe!


Guide you how to make “siubak” in my 5-min video clip:

Yields 800g
800g of pork belly with skin

For blanching pork:
1 cup of white vinegar
1 pot of water

Seasoning (A) for meat top:
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of Hua Diao rice wine

Seasoning (B) for meat bottom:
3/4 teaspoon of five spice powder
3/4 teaspoon of white pepper
3/4 garlic powder
3/4 Rhizoma (sand ginger) powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of Hua Diao rice wine
1 cube of red fermented beancurd

For roasting use:
2-3 tablespoons of salt

800克 连皮三层肉

1杯 白醋
1锅 水

半茶匙 盐
1汤匙 花雕酒

3/4茶匙 五香粉
3/4茶匙 白胡椒粉
3/4茶匙 蒜粉
3/4茶匙 沙姜粉
1/2茶匙 盐
1汤匙 花雕酒
1块 南腐乳

2-3汤匙 盐

Appropriate seasoning makes the roast meat tasty and aromatic

(1) Boil a pot of water. Add vinegar and blanch whole pork belly till 70% cooked. Drain and pat dry.

(2) Use the tip of the knife to lightly poke the entire surface of the pork skin. Now, rub rice wine and salt on the skin.

(3) Mix together ingredients (B). Rub the entire surface of the bottom part of the pork. Air dry the entire piece of meat for at least 4 hours.

(4) Preheat oven to 200deg Celsius. Place air dried seasoned meat on a large sheet of aluminum foil. Fold foil into dish-shape to wrap the bottom and all sides of the meat. Cover the skin surface with a layer of salt, place meat on baking wire tray to roast on top tier for 30 minutes.

(5) Salt on the surface will be toasted until harden. Remove it and scrap away any excess of the salt on the skin. Remove foil and continue to roast the meat for another 15-30 minutes.

(6) Increase temperature to 230deg Celsius, and roast for another 15 minutes or until skin surface turns bubble-like appearance. Heat off. Cool and cut to serve.

(1) 烧水,加白醋。汆烫至7分熟,捞出沥干水分。

(2) 用刀尖轻戳肉表皮。现在,涂上花雕酒和盐。

(3) 把腌制底层材料混合均匀后涂在肉底层。风干至少4小时。

(4) 烤箱预热至200度。把风干腌制好的肉放在铝箔纸上。铝箔纸制成盘状覆盖肉底层和四边。再在肉表面盖上一层盐,把肉放入烤箱上层烘烤30分钟左右。

(5) 表皮层的盐将会烤至变硬。去除掉并把任何多余的盐刮干净。把肉从铝箔纸拿出后,继续烤15-30分钟左右。

(6) 最后把温度调高至230度,再烤15分钟或至表皮呈泡泡状即可。

A serving of 100g roast pork counts about 250kcal. 100克烧肉约250卡路里

Chinese roast pork with delicious homemade chili sauce!
The same can be done in airfryer. Use 200C all the way for extended timing.

Tips: Rhizoma (Sand ginger) powder is a type of Chinese herb which can be found in some Chinese herbal shops and neighborhood supermarkets e.g. Sheng Siong (look in spice compartment).
* Salt used for baking can be fine table salt or coarse salt. It’s up to you.
* Remember to place a tray at the bottom to fetch the dripping oil.

* 用来烘烤的盐可以是细盐或粗盐。
* 记得在烤箱下层放烤盘用来盛油滴滴。

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