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Grill or steam, both ways deliver the best of my Otak-Otak

How about some homemade Otak-Otak for BBQ party? 烧烤会吃自制乌打好吗?

Otak-Otak, an Indonesia/ Malaysia/ Singapore delicacy, made of ground fish meat, coconut milk and spices. There are many different versions of otak-otak in the market, but the most often seen is the reddish-brown type. Wrapping the paste in banana leaf is the most traditional way to make this Otak-otak as it renders a hint of aromatic sweetness to the toasted parcels.

Step 1,2,3… It’s really not difficult to make otak-otak, and eating it on its own as snack, using it as the filling in bun or bread, or having it as part of the nasi lemak meal, is just as ideal as it could be. And this time, the Otak-Otak were made for my BBQ event with a bunch of great friends. Glad they liked it!


步骤1,2,3..… 乌打的做法真得不难,吃法也是多元化。净吃,夹面包或者当椰浆饭的配菜都十分完美。这趟我就为和一班可爱的好朋友们的烧烤会而制的。谢谢大家都喜爱喔!

Yields about 25 pcs
450g fish fillet
180ml coconut milk
1 thumb of fresh turmeric,peeled
2 stalks of lemon grass, cut small
3 leaves of kaffir lime leaf, finely chopped
2 teaspoons of corn starch
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1.5 teaspoons of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar
3 tablespoons of curry powder
4 tablespoons of homemade Sambal belacan chili

3 large sheets of banana leaves, cut into 4″ wide each for 25 – 30 pcs

450克 鱼肉
180毫升 椰奶
1拇指般大小 鲜黄姜,去皮
2根 香茅,切小段
3片 青柠叶,切碎
2茶匙 玉米粉
2颗 鸡蛋,打散
1.5 茶匙 盐
1 茶匙 糖
3汤匙 咖喱粉
4汤匙 自制叁巴马来盏辣椒

3张 搭上,大片香蕉叶,剪成25小片,每片4寸宽

(1) Blend turmeric and lemon grass finely. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend together. If prefer some chunky bites in the Otak, add fish meat at last, only after all other ingredients are ground into paste. Lightly blend the fish meat will do.

(2) Place a piece of cut banana leaf, darker green side down. Wipe to clean the surface and add 1 heaping tablespoonful of otak paste. Fold in two sides into flat long shape, and secure both ends with toothpicks. Follow demonstration in the instruction video below:

(3) Toast otak otak on stove (low heat) or charcoal grill until banana leaf is crisped with trace of burnt. Or, steam on high heat for 6-8 minutes. Serve.




A serving of my Otak counts about 30kcal.

This delicious belacan chili is just so versatile. One of the uses is to make otak otak, of course. Click on this picture to see its recipe.

Tips: Fish must be completely boneless. The most popular choice of fish is Mackerel or Batang, but frozen fish fillet works as well for me.
* For my homemade sambal belacan chili recipe, simply  click here, or the above sambal photo, or recipe’s link (in red wordings).

* 我的自制叁巴辣椒,可点击上面的叁巴图,或红色字的链接或这里

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