Golden Egg Fried Rice with Japanese Rice Toppings (黄金蛋炒饭)


“You are busy, and yet, yearning for delicious & heart warming meal.. here’s something you have to learn up, my simple quick fix rice meal. Not the lazy, but for the smart ones!”

I would say Japanese inventions are brilliant, including their contribution to creating flavorful yet simple food. When we learned to combine the delicious Chinese food with smart Japanese food, what we often get would be delicious smarty food! It’s just a saying, not limited to…. Lol.

Coming back to my golden fried rice, it’s not anything new to cook up this golden fried rice where each grain would be coated with the yellowish yolk to present a plateful of “golden” appearance dish. However, if you ask me, I wouldn’t be bored to add interesting elements to this wonderful goodness, and bring it to a whole new level of tasting.

Simple, quick, hearty, presentable… and still, it’s simply simple that could be done in just 10 minutes. Taste wise? It’s definitely look and taste better than your ordinary fried rice! :)

Serves 4
2 cups of cold rice
3 large eggs, separated
2 – 3 tablespoons Japanese rice toppings (Furikake Sake – Salmon, silver fish flavored)
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
2 tablespoons of cooking oil

(1) Separate egg yolk from white. Add only egg yolks to the cold rice and stir well to combine. Make sure rice is well coated with the yolk. Set aside. Beat egg whites.

(2) Heat wok with 1 tablespoon of oil over medium fire. Pour in beaten egg white and let it set a little before scrambling. Drizzle more oil, followed by adding coated rice and stir a little.

(3) Drizzle light soy sauce around the edges of the wok. Stir fry to combine. Add Japanese rice toppings and sugar, stir fry to combine. Heat off. Serve.

The Japanese rice toppings? There are plenty of variations in the market. I happened to get two kinds i.e. Sesame bonito and salmon silver fish flavours, from one of the food fair carts in Isetan Westgate. My apology if it’s not a permanent stall there. No worries, different brands or slightly different combinations would be sold in Isetan and other Japanese supermarkets. Just look for salmon flavored rice toppings.

A serving of my golden fried rice counts about 250kcal.

Tips: Use cold or cooled rice. It’s not necessary to be overnight rice, but if you are using “fresh cooked rice”, cook it with slightly less water than usual so that it will not be too soft and moist to fry. Cool the freshly cooked rice before use.
* Optional sides e.g. Prawns, Japanese fish cakes, shredded chicken, and etc, can be added to the egg fried rice.

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