Soy Bean Pudding (“Lao Ban” Beancurd “老伴”豆花)


20140620-213524-77724391.jpg“Melt in your mouth… Silky smooth goodness..”

Another no-frills dessert which is so popular and delicious.

20140620-213524-77724546.jpgIn fact, this popular dessert is a no-secret recipe which have been commonly known and made by many people. Probably you are one of them who already making it at home regularly. :)

To be franked, however, it wasn’t 100% successful the first time I made this as it turned out too runny. Edible, but it took much longer time to set and I had to place them in the freezer for a while. Yet, the pudding still seemed a little bit too wet.. But, this time, it was perfect.

20140620-213524-77724866.jpgWibbly wobbly, but not over-runny. Creamy enough and not too sweet.

20140620-213524-77724704.jpgSilky smooth mouthfeel, and it melts in your mouth instantly.. With the precise amount of ingredients and method I have tried. See below…

Yields 8 small bowls
1 litter of low-sugar soy bean milk (store-bought)
8 teaspoons of creamer (40-50gram)
4.5 teaspoons of gelatin powder

(1) Heat up soy bean milk on super low fire until steam arises, but not bubbling.

(2) Heat off. Add in creamer. Then, use a whisk to stir in gelatin powder, 1 teaspoon at a time. Continue stirring the milk while drizzling the gelatin powder until all powder dissolved.

(3) Divide milk mixture into bowls. Leave them to cool at room temperature till warm, transfer into refrigerator to set and chill for 5-6 hours. Serve chilled.

This recipe yields not-so-sweet dessert as low sugar milk was used. If you like it sweeter, use normal soy milk. You may even use almond flavor soy milk to make this.

20140620-213525-77725018.jpgA small bowl of this low-sugar soy milk pudding counts about 90kcal.

Tips: Need no heaping, just level the spoons of the gelatin powder used.
* Gelatin powder packed in small bottle is available at major supermarkets eg NTUC Fairprice and baking supplies shops eg Phoon Huat.
* Use a wire whisk to stir in gelatin powder is easier to dissolve than using a spatula. It’s ok to use a little bit of force to whisk at times, if the gelatin powder clogs together. No worries about the foam created from whisking as it would disappear after awhile. Or, scope the bubbles out. But still, try to prevent clogging from happening by immediate stirring while drizzling in the gelatin powder, if possible. Quick hand is required.
* Soy pudding must be served chilled.

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