McDonald's Visit to their Kitchen

McDonald’s opens its kitchen doors to all


“It’s never hard to imagine how little (or zero) margin they are prepared to compromise on their food hygiene, quality, and most of all, the customer service to the patrons of McDonald’s…”

Like what my header says, it’s now a great chance for you to discover the truth behind your favourite food at their Open Doors Event which happens every 3rd Sunday of the month, all the way till 19 Feb 2012.

This is not an advertorial ie I don’t get paid to promote this activity. It’s merely my interest to share this piece of information with you guys since I have attended one. It’s eye opening, it’s exclusive, and it’s informative!

It’s never hard to imagine, McDonald’s have such a strict food preparation protocol for the crews to follow, and how little (or zero) margin they are prepared to compromise on their food hygiene, quality, and most of all, their customer service to the patrons.

I wanted to share more insights with you, like their ‘customer service hallmark’ on the crew board, video featuring customer services on the tv in the crews’ resting area as well as rewards for the crews who put it into practice, how the beef patties were cooked without oil, let alone transfat, etc… but, I think it’s better to leave it to you to explore further…

Oh yes, the open doors visits are now opening to the member of the public in Singapore, for aged above 7! Which means, you are allow to bring your older kids with you to enter McDonald’s kitchen, but bear in mind, it’s going to be the real kitchen in its normal operation that you are visiting in any of the 25 outlets islandwide.

If you are interested to join one of these free guided kitchen tour to learn about McDonald’s food from “farm to fork”… or simply wish to testify of what I have telling you here, come on in! Register yourself and your friends/ family online at: McDonald’s Open Doors Invitation

I heard that the slots in September and October are fully booked though. So, you better hurry up to grab your seat now for November’s and forth.. Or, you may leave your email and contacts with them for them to get back to you.

*As a fan and friend of My Wok Life FaceBook, if you have an issue to arrange for a group of you to get the tour, let me know and I shall see how I can help you! :)


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