Cabbages & Condoms Thai Restaurant

“Condoms” Restaurant in Bangkok: Cabbages & Condoms

Cabbages & Condoms. Why the Cabbages?

“A good Thai restaurant that comes with condoms?!”

Just visited Bangkok (again), for a short 3 days 2 nights trip. Yes, due to time constrain, we had to pack all itineraries full in the 3 days. Shop, eat, eat, shop… :) I was sure Bangkok is no stranger to most Singaporean shoppers and foodies, you probably knew the city inside out. :)

Yes, Bangkok is a well-known gourmet paradise as most of the eating places even the roadside stalls were hardly disappointing.

So, we were keen to try out some specially themed restaurants whereby you get to enjoy not only the authentic flavor, but also some ‘exotic feeling’ throughout your meal. We had one here. ><

This restaurant was located towards the rear of the lane on a sub-road of Sukhumvit Soi 12 where you might find Asok BTS the nearest sky train station. Out from the station, walk towards Sheraton Hotel and along Times Square, turn to your left into a lane right past Time Square. The street lights along the lane were rather dim, but not to worry as it wasn’t deadly quiet. There were also some roadside stalls along the lane. Look out for this big signage of Cabbages and Condoms that would lead you to their restaurant just 30m away, approximately 6 – 8 minutes walk from the main road.

The C&C Restaurant (PDA)
Call (02) 229-4610 or send a Fax to (02) 229-4610
Open daily from 11:00 to 22:00. Adequate parking space is available.

Condom man…?

Cabbages & Condoms had been recommended in many travel guides. As named, its distinctive interior design was all about….. Condoms!

When I first entered the restaurant premise, my feeling was just… inexplicable. This 2-storey restaurant was full of condoms! The two life-sized figures were dressed with, condoms. Even the lamps in the restaurant were fully decorated with… yes, condoms.. Having said that, this is not an adult-only restaurant. Don’t worry to bring along your little ones, it was nothing from the ‘grubby’ side.

In fact, dining here had become a double-cause action for the customers. This place runs with a noble agenda. It was set up to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning to the people, and all incomes generated from the restaurant would be used to support the activities conducted by the Population and Community Development Asst in Thailand.

It says, “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnant.”

Great food for all!

Yes. You would regret if you weren’t there with a farmished stomach. There were plenty of selections on the menu. And trust me, those we tried were some of the best selections you gonna order, no matter what. :)

Salad – Thai Papaya Salad
Surprise to us, the authentic Thai salad was actually served with shredded papaya, and not mango. I loved this spicy-sweet appetizer and it’s the best appetizer to eat as it helps to open up appetite, to get you ready for more food! However, I thought the salad was way too spicy for my liking.

Soup – Tom Yum Goong
The friendly waiter smiled at me when I requested my Tom Yum soup to be less spicy. Well, I believed Thai could eat much spicier than Singaporean.  It’s ok, I wasn’t ambitious on this.

True enough, the autentic Thai Tom Yum soup served in Thailand was nothing like the Singapore version. They added extra Bird’s eye chilis. Let’s get ‘heat up’!

Oh, this was seafood Tom Yum soup that we had. Really loved the fresh chunky prawns in the soup. As to me, I thought the flavor of the soup was well balanced with the complex flavors of hot, sour, sweet and salty.

(1) Crispy Seabass with Thai Sweet Peanut Sauce
Let’s be realistic, after two course of super spicy food, our stomachs were literally on fire. We couldn’t go all the way spicy… So, this scrumptious fried fish dish was a savior.

I was initially contemplating whether to have the fish steamed or deep fried, and my decision favored the later simply because the steamed fish would be served in spicy soup base, according to the server. Anyway, we knew that it would never go wrong with anything deep fried, and this crispy fish would certainly be our right choice. Yes, with this fried fish super crispy on the outside, but tender and moist on the inside, you don’t even need any sauce to enjoy it.

Of course, this so called spicy sweet peanut sauce, in fact, wasn’t at all spicy, not even with a hint. Or, could it be our tongues that were already numbed by the heat by now? :D This peanut sauce tasted very pleasant though.

(2) Green Chicken Curry
It was not really a spicy dish either. It would be better named as delicious diced chicken in thick coconut milk gravy. And somehow, it yielded a kind of homely feeling in the dish. I am not a Thai, but oh yes, that’s green curry. :D

It wasn’t packed at all on a Friday evening.  Our food was served promptly. Though the number of diners were seen rising gradually, it was sad to notice that this noble restaurant that served so good food, didn’t stand out as bright as other notable restaurants, probably due to its ambiguous location.

Anyway, go ahead to make advance phone reservation especially if you come from a different city and had all intention to go there.

Go on a weekend, if possible. You might be lucky to get yourself a free foot massage, or a chance to enjoy some Thai dance performances, presented by some training schools.  Yes, this restaurant was nice enough to provide a live training ground for these apprentices.

I was almost determined to have my favorite Thai dessert, sticky rice with mango, but God knows, my stomach was stuffed to almost bursting! No choice, but to give up. I had to compensate myself with this refreshing coconut drink, at least. :)

The bill? Checked out @ BHT1200+ = S$50+.  Yes, for all we had. See, that’s the greatest part about splurging in (most places of) Thailand. It’s not going to shrink your wallet noticeably, agreed?

We even got our freebies before we left. Some sweets for you? Nope, no sweets, but you would be offered 1 condom per guest. Cool~

Wait a minute. The night wasn’t quite ended yet.  Before leaving, please dropby the C&C Handicraft Shop, situated just next to the dining area. There were so many exquisite condom-related products to bring home with you as souvenirs. Most items were priced reasonably.

Last, but not least, this cute restaurant really strived to bring to you all the fun in all ways. Do check out their “Wheel of SEX Fortune”. It could properly give you some exciting ideas on ‘what to do’ with your partner when the night comes. Hahaha.

Me? Yes, I spun the wheel, and it directed… “No Sex Tonight Please“! Hmmm.

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