chocolate peach torte

Chocolate Peach Torte


“Be spoilt by this true ~ sweet indulgence”

When this torte was first made, it looked deceptively dense and overly rich. I thought this might be a failure to my first torte baking. But guess what? It was a big hit by my family and friends! As for me, I had it for my tea session over the weekend, reading my favourite lifestyle magazine while enjoying this own-baked savoury treat~ Yes.. and “No” (smile), it wasn’t overly rich for the taste bud. Instead, the taste was just right to bring out the true sensation! True creamy chocolaty taste, and pleasantly sweet without being overpowering. Texture of the cake is dense (that’s why it is called “torte”), but it is perfectly matched with the soft and smooth mousse cream in between the layers (Yes, torte is supposed to make in layers). Its density complements the silky mousse cream and chocolate topping, creating an overall taste of perfection!

Yeah, chocolate topping and mousse cream at the centre have to be in thick layers with just thin layer(s) of sponge cake (that makes a torte! And my first ‘spongy’ layer was a little too thick..:p). And, yes, torte has to have fruits (dry fruits, especially) and/ or nuts. Ha! Now you know what is “torte” (winking smile)?!

Hey, this is not difficult to make, but it will be a little time consuming with extended effort needed. You have to make this in stages. However, it’s definitely worth the effort and time! I had my no. 1 fan of this chocolate peach torte! Tell you what, your loved one will be very impressed by you, if you present this torte cake during his/ her birthday. Don’t be frightened by my super lengthy recipe write-up, I was just being very clear in the steps (laughing).. Baking can actually be done within 2 hours time.

That’s the perfect chocolate peach torte!

Yields 8 big slices of sweet treats
Ingredients A:
70 grams of Couverture chocolate, coarsely chopped and double boiled to melt
70 grams of hard butter (need NOT to thaw)
50 grams of sugar
70 grams of plain flour, sieved
5 grams of cocoa powder, sieved together with plain flour
4 egg yolks
Optional: 1 teaspoon of rum essence

Ingredients B:
50 grams of sugar
⅛ teaspoon of cream of tartar
4 egg whites

Ingredients for chocolate mousse cream:
100 grams of Couverture chocolate, coarsely chopped and double boiled to melt
100 grams of fresh cream (non-dairy), whipped
30 grams of sugar
10 grams of gelatin powder, dissolved in 3 tablespoons of boiling/ hot water
3 egg yolks
1 can of peaches (about 10 – 12 pcs)

Ingredients for chocolate topping:
200 grams of Couverture chocolate, coarsely chopped
200 grams of fresh cream (non-dairy) – Do NOT whip
50 grams of fresh cream (non-dairy), whipped

Decoration/ Garnish:
Almond flakes, toasted at 160°C for 15 minutes (abt 150 grams)

9″ of round baking tin with removable base or retractable ring, greased and lines with baking sheet

Method for sponge cake:
1) Double boil chocolate over low heat until melted. Leave it to cool.

2) Cream hard butter, sugar and melted chocolate with eletrical mixer at medium speed, for 10 minutes, or longer till fluffy. Then Add in egg yolks and mix well, at same speed. (You may also add 1 teaspoon of rum essence to enhance flavour, it’s optional. However, not anymore chocolate essence or emulco.)

3) Turn mixer to low speed, add in sieved flour and cocoa powder, mix well. Leave aside. Transfer flour mixture to another large bowl, if you only have one mixing bowl.

4) In clean mixing bowl, beat ingredients B at medium-high speed, for about 10 minutes or until stiff meringue adhered to upturned spoon). Combine flour mixture with the meringue to flour mixture, fold it in to mix well.

5) Preheat oven to 170°C. Pour mixture into baking tin and bake at centre rack, for about 30 minutes. When baked, remove from cake tin and leave it to cool. Cut the cake into 2 layers, when cooled.

Method to make chocolate mousse:
1) While baking the sponge cake, double boil the Couverture chocolate over low heat until melted. Leave aside to cool. Or, you may boil the chocolate altogether, with the amount needed for the sponge cake in “Ingredient A” (total 170 grams), then separate the required amount by weighing.

2) Whish egg yolks and sugar with hand whisk or electrical mixer, till creamy (about 8 minutes). Add in warm melted chocolate and mix well.

3) Whip fresh cream with mixer at any speed (I used high speed), till stiff (yes, it has to be adhered to an upturned spoon). Add whipped cream into chocolate mixture. Add melted gelatin and mix well.

4) Now return 1 layer of sponge cake to the cake tin (with removable base or retractable ring). Need not to grease or line cake tin.

5) Spread chocolate mousse evenly on top of the layer. Then, place peaches into the mousse. Arrange peaches in circular manner. Cover another layer of sponge cake on top of the mousse. Freeze to set the mousse (in the freezer).

Method to make thick chocolate topping:
1) Boil the 200g of (non-whip) fresh cream on stove with low frame until hot, and remove from heat. Add in Couverture chocolate and stir continously until melted. Leave it to cool before adding in the 50g of whipped cream (*this 50 gram of whipped cream may be whipped together with the first 100g of cream needed in chocolate mousse. Just separately the required amount by weighing).

2) Remove set mousse cake from freezer, spread the chocolate topping evenly on the cake. Place the completed torte cake in the refrigerator to set the chocolate topping.

3) When torte is set firmly. Lift the base up or remove the side ring. Decorate the sides and even top the torte with almond flakes. Cut into slices and serve chilled.

If you do not wish to use cocoa powder in the sponge cake, just skip it and substitute the same amount with plain flour. Which means instead of 70 grams of plain flour, use 75 grams now, if without cocoa powder. What will be the end result? Less dark in colour of sponge cake you’ll get.

A large slice of chocolate peach torte counts about 495kcal.

Variation: Add canned pears instead of peaches.

Tips: Whatever similar ingredient used in the recipe may be done together instead of separating the same jobs, to save time and avoid redundancy. Beat all the amount together, and later, use a weighing machine to differentiate the required amount of each process.
* If the Couverture chocolate is bought in a large bar or blocks, you have to chop it to pieces for easy melting. Otherwise, get those in form of chips which usually used for make chocolate fondue. Couverture chocolate is easily available at major supermarkets (baking supplies section). To create smooth and higer quality of chocolate topping and mousse, use of Couverture chocolate (semi-sweet) is recommended.
* If you do not have any removable base cake tin, use the normal cake tin, but you have to line a large sheet of grease proof paper with excess paper till outside the cake tin, before returning the layer of sponge cake it in. When the whole torte is done and set, simply lift up the entire baking sheet to remove whole torte from the cake tin.
* Definition of Torte: requires to use large amount of eggs and less flour. Torte is made in layers, and cake’s texture should be dense.

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