Fried chicken wing with preserved red tofu cubes

House Specialty Fried Chicken Wings


Fried chicken wing with preserved red tofu cubes

“Impress your loved ones with these extensively flavoursome fried chicken mid-joints and drumlets!”

This is my house specialty chicken wing dish with simple preserved red beancurd.
Again, simple and quick recipe is my forte, same goes to this dish!

Not the standard oyster sauce flavour which I used to cook, taste of fried chicken wing never the same again!


8 – 9 medium Chicken mid-joints
8 – 9 medium Chicken drumlets (winglets)
2 cubes of preserved red beancurd (Chinese translation: 红腐乳)
1 cube of chicken stock essence cube, chilled it first
2 tablespoon of self raising flour

1 cup of cooking oil

1) Wash and clean chicken wings with salt water. Place wings in a large bowl.

2) Mash chilled chicken stock cube using finger tips in the same large bowl of chicken wings. Season wings with the mashed chicken stock cube. Then, add preserved red beancurd, and combine well. You may use bare hand to dredge on each wing to make sure all sides are well-seasoned.

3) Marinate wings for at least 3 hour. Cover with cling wrap, and keep it refrigerated while marinating.

4) Mix the marinated wings with self raising flour. Briefly coat all sides of each wing.

5) Heat wok with oil over high heat. Reduce heat to medium – low fire when heated enough, sprinkle salt. Then, place drumlets into wok to fry until golden brown.

6) When drumlets are browned, remove from wok and drain on kitchen towel.

7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 for mid-joints.

8) Place on serving dish, and serve.

See pork version here: Fried 3-Layer pork belly with Red Soy Beancurd

Tips: I don’t re-use any cooking oil after one time frying. So, I like to save oil for frying food. I used shallow frying method rather than deep frying to save cooking oil at home. The result of frying was still perfectly fine. Remember to shallow fry using same chicken parts in a wok and no more than 6 – 8 pieces at one go, in order to have them cooked evenly.
* I did not coat the wings with too much flour. If you prefer thicker crisped flour on the wings, increase amount of self-raising flour.
* Choose 3-joint wings instead of separated mid-joints and drumlets, if preferred. However, deep frying method is necessary as shallow fry will not work well for 3-joint wing.
* Chilled chicken stock cube is easier to mash. Room temperatured one will not be able to do so. Refrigerated it before using for seasoning the wings. Otherwise, get powdery type of chicken stock essence.

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3 Responses

  1. Oh, good ! I found someone like to marinate chicken wings with red beancurd as I did. I like to marinate chicken wings and pork ribs with white beancurd and red beancurd overnight then either steam and fry. Simple yet yummy

  2. Hey Chumpman,

    I have the pork version, too, in my blog! :D

    But I do not prefer to marinate over as it becoming too salty for my taste. 3 hours will be nice to me. :)

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