Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake

It’s a chocolate cake. It’s a fudge cake. It’s a super moist cake. It’s heavenly rich & moist chocolate fudge cake.

I realized that I had plenty of milk chocolate bars in my kitchen pantry which were stored up for snacks over TV time, but they were just too plentiful that I had to find a way to reduce the inventory. I thought baking a chocolate cake, a milk chocolate cake, was a right idea.

Yes, this was my super moist chocolate fudge cake using confectionery milk chocolate bars to make. For the fact that milk chocolates (instead of baking dark chocolates) were used, it was ideally flavored. The richness of the chocolate was pleasant, not at all over-whelming. I wouldn’t feel repelled from having it in a big slice. More

Meat Slices and Carrot Broth (肉片汤)

“Quick delicious meat broth ready to serve within 30 minutes.”

This meat broth is my favourite as I liked soup with loads of peppery taste. I had the soup with amount of ground white pepper adjusted to my liking. Not too spicy, yet, strong and intensive peppery flavour. I think I have used almost 1 tablespoon of pepper (to be precise, I used amount of 8 ‘shakes’ of pepper bottle).

I coated the meat slices with thick layer of corn starch in order to create softer, smoother and more interesting bites of the meat. As some of the cornstarch emerges into the broth, it also made the broth thicker, and sweeter. It yielded soft, smooth and flavoursome mouthfeel of the meat. And, I loved the consistency of the soup! More

Duck Soup with Salted Vegetable & Tofu (咸菜豆腐鸭汤)

“Flavoursome duck soup that helps to reduce body ‘heatiness’.”

Salted vegetable soup is what Chinese believed to help reducing feverish body or ‘body heat’ (降火). Moreover, salted vegetable and tofu soup is my favourite. I loved having the combination cooked with duck meat.

Duck meat yields more intense flavour in the soup, especially roast duck. Yes, I prefered the roasted option, but for healthier purpose, I wouldn’t mind using fresh duck instead. If you like to eat the duck meat, use meaty or drumkstick part. As for me, I would usually use those boney parts, such as, duck neck, wings and feet from the whole roast duck to cook this soup since we do not eat those parts. As such, no food go to waste. So, we have the hot and flavoursome veggie duck soup to go along with our duck rice meal. :) More

Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables (Mei Cai) Recipe (梅菜扣肉)

“Homemade ‘Mei Cai Kou Rou’ (梅菜扣肉) can be as good as restaurant standard”

Hey, it may not be as good as restaurant chef, but it is for sure very delicious for a homemade version (chuckling)!

I cooked it at home as outside is selling expensive for this pork dish. I could understand why as its preparation and cooking methods are kinda complex. More

Chinese ABC Soup with Fresh Chinese Yam Root (Huai Shan) and Dried Anchovies

“Flavourful and healthy clear vegetable soup which you have to cook it for your family. Trust me, it’s much likeable by everyone!”

There is’t special for cooking Chinese ABC vegetables soup (assorted vegetable soup) with pork ribs. But I just learnt a different way to cook it more delightful!

Maybe not to you, but it was new to me.
My friend cooked the ABC vegetables soup with dried anchovies (dried ikan bilis 江鱼仔)!
I thought the taste of dried achovies would not complement the vegetables in soup, but it does, indeed.

I added fresh Chinese Yam Root/ Huai Shan (淮山) as one of the vegetable ingredients in the soup. We liked to eat fresh Chinese Yam, eating it for its valuable nutrition contents, too (it’s good for the man.. chuckling)! More

Dessert Paradise in Hong Kong (2)

With two fabulous experiences we had, as mentioned in previous post, we were ready for more, just to satisfy our sweet tooth. Here’re the following stores:

3) Yee Shun Milk Company (义顺牛奶公司)

If you wished to have dairy products and eggy dessert, don’t miss these, Double-steamed Milk Pudding (双皮奶), and Steamed Egg Pudding (炖蛋). This well-known dairy shop, Yee Shun Milk Company (义顺牛奶公司) served terrific milk desserts. More