Visions Kitchen ware

My Corning Visions Cookingware

A set of 3 glass pots

“Glass pots from Visions, yes, I loved it!”

Corningware from Visions had always been my favourite cookware. I loved its beautiful transparent and elegant looking as well as durability of the glass.

These glass pots came in various sizes, but the outlook design was always remained the same.  I thought it made the glass pots unique and recognizable.

Being able to see through and know how’s my cooking going on at one glance is awesome.

I used Visions glass pots to cook my daily meals for over 5 years and these 3 pots in the photos were my second set since the 2 pots from the first set were used for quite awhile already. It was nothing due to cracking or any unusable reasons. Just me, and I liked to use brand new things, especially on kitchenwares, from time to time.

The very first set I had came in 2 different sizes pots – 1 medium and 1 big pots. This second set of pots had 3 pcs – big, medium and small. In term of capacity, pots from first set were deeper whilst the later were made broader but shallower.

I used the largest stew pot for boiling herbal tea and cooking mee hoon kueh or dishes which needed plenty of liquid and ingredients. Medium pot to be used on smaller portion of soupy dishes and desserts while the smallest pot will be used for cooking noodles for 2 – 3 pax.

Why did I prefer Visions? Just loved its transparent design which allows me to look into my cooking from all angles without bothering to lift up its lid.

Actually, if it was not for the transparent glass feature, I thought Simplylite model was quite a good choice, too. I liked the French white designed. Corelle was another great glassware, but to me, most of its floral printings seemed a little dated. It’s subjective in term of design preference though. Who knows I might like feminine floral designs one day? :) All these glasswares are in white without being able to see-through.

Pyrex glassware

Yes, I preferred cookingware which can see through for now. Pyrex was a good, alternative, if you prefer clear glass design. Visions, on the other hand, was looking more unique in term of tthe color.

Oh, if you would like to know, Visions cookware comes with 10-year warranty.

Price wise. I thought Visions were on the higher side due to its quality, but it was comparable among the similar brands. I bought mine from Tangs Singapore with 20% discount during their in-house sales period. Sometimes, NTUC Fairprice would extend 20% discount on the sets during thier product promotion offer, too.

A set of 2 to 3 glass pots costs about S$100 to $150 (regular price).

**Disclaimer: The above was just my personal sharing, strictly for your reference only. No monetary and reward of any forms involved.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Patrica,

    I Definitely agree evry single word in your post. I also like the Visions cookware but havent bought yet and also I hate the “Aunty” Design heeheh I prefer the Ikea Brand instead the plain black or white plate/bowl set. My hobby also is cooking and I like some of your post here simple and looks delicious. :)

  2. Stumbled upon your blog while looking for info on Visions. Do u use the glass pot for deep frying? When I use it to make soup, I find that the water escapes from the pot quite fast. Do u experience the same problem?

  3. Hi Rachel,

    I welcome you to my blog.

    I do not use glass pot to do deep frying as I think using metal/ steel material such as wok, transmits heat quicker that makes deep frying easier and faster.

    As for making soup, yes, I used only glass pots (i.e. vision branded pots) to boil my soup, other than slow cooker. I loved using Vision pot to cook soup and I think it is perfect for such. And, I do not experience any water ‘escape’ or evaporate from the pot fast. In fact, it is much slower in evaporation as compared to many metal pots.

  4. Hi,

    Are you staying in Singapore? If so, you may get this Visions cookware at many places, actually.

    I got mine from NTUC Fairprice Finest or Fairprice Extra. There are also pretty good selections at Tangs, Orchard.

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