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“Know what is Metabolism. Eat to control body weight effectively. Calculate yours here!”

I have been so busy these few days, on beautifying my site, and uploading with more features (winking smile)!

It was fun to discover so many interactive toolkits out there, and am still exploring more…

Got a few of these widgets which I was dying to try out … (laughing)

My good colleague who came from China once asked if I could blog in Chinese language. In Chinese words?? Hmmm… it’s possible, but kinda challenging task huh… We’re so used to correspond in English, in order to write or type whole article in Chinese (using Han Yu Pin Yin key board!), it takes double amount of time, double brain juice, double effort… to do so. I would like to please my close colleague, but how to resolve this? Yes, I’ve gotten this site translator here! I discovered it from

I first tried out the Babelfish. Read on its translated Chinese page, but it seems not-so-accurate in its ‘really-direct’ translation, as compared to the Google one. For example, ‘Fried chicken wings’ supposed to be ‘炸鸡翼’, is translated as “炸鸡飞过 (Fried chicken flew pass)”! Wahaha…

Babelfish translator in its mini square box which decorated with a cute yellow fish, tries to translate every single word, and thus, misinterpretation occurred whilst Google’s design with respective country flag tends to remain the ‘untranslatable’ English word (or word that does not occur in Chinese) as it is. These word-by-word translations create laughter. It’s amusing to read, afterall.

Nevertheless, there is an overall 90% accuracy in the translation. To me, Google’s translation does make more sense, and more understandable version. Hooray!! Just a click away (on those flags), you can have the page, read in your language. Wonderful, isn’t it?! I’ve tried the Chinese language, but not sure what will other languages turned out to be as I could not understand those other languages. Let me know, if you do.

Beside the translation tool, I’ve also changed ‘My Recent Posts’ to pictorial version, with scrolling bar therein.

It offers quick glance to check out what’re the latest posts one has. So, I have my Express Carte du jour created. I find it very cool, don’t you?

This tool enables customization to your liking of colour, box size, content display, header, wordings, and etc. A tool which is so popular and widely-used, and yet, to be built on your site, uniquely and to your liking.

Get one for yourselves!

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate):

There is this tool you might find it interesting, too. I really am, so excited to share, the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Calculator. I always mention about calorie intake, calorie count and weight control. Perhaps, some of us are still trying to figure out what’s our correct daily requirement of calorie intake supposed to be. This BMR calculator helps you to find out your metabolic rate. Metabolic rate, a rate to describe a process at which the body converts food intake to energy, which means the body burns up the calories, so to speak. Burning calories is needed in our body in order to fuel essential bodily processes and also keep our vital organs and muscle tissues in working order. Otherwise, the energy will be stored in our body, as fat.

The higher metabolism you have, the better fat-burning capability you have. Many elements contributed to the level of metabolic rate, for instances, our genes, our age, activity level, the Muscle-to-fat ratio, nutrition and eating frequency.

BMR decreases with age and loss of muscle mass. We cannot stop our age-growing fact, but increase of muscle mass can increase BMR as muscle cells are much more metabolically demanding than fats. So, the greater muscle mass we have, the faster our metabolic rate is.

Exercise, especially aerobic (oxygen) exercise, helps in increasing BMR, and thus, burning of calories at faster rate, even exercising stops. Exercise helps to build more lean body mass (muscles), too.

Eat breakfast and eat regularly throughout the day, does help increase in BMR. Metabolic rate slows down when body is lacking of food over a period of few hours time. Be healthy and nutritionally balanced. Continuous supply with good diet and wide nutrients to our body does help us to keep our BMR works smoothly.

To know your BMR right now, try this BMR calculator tool I have added at my side bar! Just to help you to calculate the amount of calorie that your metabolic rate can burn. And, what is your daily calorie requirement, based on your weight and height, in order to maintain your weight. Or, to lose weight, this tool will recommend you on how much calorie you have to cut down, in order to reach your desire weight gradually. Looks like this tool is a fun one!

Give me more time and I shall make my site even better (smilling)!

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