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Steamboat Dinner at Home

“Steamboat dinner, to warm you up during the rainy cold night, so as to warm your hearts.”

Eating steamboat aka hot pot at home is always fun… and warm, and one of the best meal options for small gathering purposes.

I liked having steamboat. It’s light, savory and great for varieties. Oh… I liked varieties… (laughing).

Having said that, steamboat for dinner probably a better choice for Asian countries like Singapore, because the weather here is hot, but still tolerable during nightfall. So, steamboat dinner is, good… read more

Simple Steamed Whole Fish with Tomato and Tofu (蕃茄豆腐清蒸鱼)

“Simple Chinese Steamed Fish to be prepared at home in a flash of time”

Steamed fish is always the best diet for health and diet conscious diners which include, me. :)

Nothing really special for this steamed fish, but I had excessive tomatoes to go along with it. Healthier and more complete as 1-dish meal. The tomatoes also added zesty flavor to my steamed fish and made this fish dish taste more refreshing in a more natural way.

For choice of whole fish, choose sea watered Sea Bass instead of fish from fresh water, to avoid any chance of muddy taste in it. Or, choose any other whole white fleshed fish. Remember, it has to be real fresh! read more

My Hotpot Dining Experience at Tao Heung (稻香超级渔港) in Hong Kong

“My first hot pot dining experience with Peir 88 of Tau Heung branch restaraunts in Hong Kong. Nice, but it could be better, if I knew….. Read this now and pick up some tips ad tricks on how to enjoy your hotpot meal to the fullest!”

Eating hotpot (or called it steamboat) in Hong Kong was commonly seen and well liked by the people, especially during cold weather. They called it 打邊爐 (in Cantonese: Da Bin Lou) in Hong Kong.

It was late Winter during our visit. Still considered good time to have hotpot, especially after taking a breezy walk in the cold evening. read more

Hotpot – Recipe and Cooking Tips

“Blissful hotpot meal for the family and friends!”

Hey hey!  Long time no see! Still within the 15 days of Lunar New Year. I wish all a very Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Guess we all are having elaborated meals so often during the season. Me, too, have been enjoying great sumptiuous food almost every other day for the past 2 weeks.. Well, I always repeat this statement: “Ok.. will keep fit and go on diet after the 15th of Lunar New Year..” Wahaha..

Anyway, I made hotpot/ steamboat meal at home, of course. Hotpot meal is almost a MUST in this Chinese festive, for several reasons. In winter countries, eating hotpot keeps the family warm, physically and heartedly. In my year-long-summer Singapore, we have hotpot during festive to symbolise togetherness of the family. Also, Chinese believed that hotpot meal, where a metal pot of soup stock base (choices of spicy or non-spicy soup stock) is simmering at the center of the dining table, symbolises raising of wealth as liquid/ soup refers to money (风山水起), and the constant boiling motion of soup/ stock in the hotpot symbolises rolling of the ball of wealth (财源滚滚).. I loved hotpot where the family sits together surround the dining table to slowly enjoy such healthy hotpot meal, simply spoilt by the extensive choices of ingredients, pick and place whatever ingredients you like into the hotpot. read more