Chocolate Cookies Recipe For Beginners

“Simple recipe for best homemade cookies. Beginner, you can do it!”

This is the simplest cookies recipe for first-timers and beginners. I am, one of the first timers in baking cookies, too (laughing)! Yes, this is the result of my first cookies baking. Yes, the cookies taste delicious. I brought them to the office the next day, to share with my colleagues. The feedback was good, and I have impressed them with these chocolate cookies, especially the texture. Shapes are kinda odd (I had square and round shapes from all 4 rounds of baking.. ha..), but taste is perfectly good. It feels so crispy to chew and the level of sweetness is just perfect for everyone.

As I said, this is the recipe for beginners. If this is going to be your first baking experience, and not yet got a electric mixer. No worries, use a hand mixer. Unlike baking cake, you do not really need a perfect refine mixture of all ingredients. Hand mixer will be good enough to create a reasonable blend in this case. But of course, more ‘exercise’ for your arm is expected, if you are using the hand mixer here (chuckling). More

Great Milo Banana Sandwich for Your Children

“Great sandwich breakfast to start off the great day”

This sandwich recipe is great, and high in nutritional values. Its filling e.g. banana, contains numerous nutrients such as Potassium which helps in promoting bone health. Banana acts as energy booster as well as an aid to youthful growth and metabolism. The Milo powder (Malted cocoa powder) used in this recipe is enriched with Vitamin Bs. Another form of energy booster.

This sandwich is an excellent breakfast for younger children, teenages and sportmen. Calorie count of this sandwich is about 180kcal. More

Homemade Tang Yuan in Ginger flavoured Sweet Soup (姜汤手工汤圆)

“Hand made Glutinous Rice Balls filled with loves for this festive celebration, Dongzhi Festival (冬至)”

Today is Dōngzhì Festival or you called it Chinese Winter Solstice Festival (in Chinese: 冬至). One of the important festive celebrations to Chinese. Chinese calls this celebration as Gua Dong (过冬). Normally 冬至 falls on 22nd December, but this year falls on 21st December instead.

The most essential festive food in 冬至 is Tang Yuan (汤圆) aka Glutinous Rice Ball. 汤圆 symbolizes reunion. Eating 汤圆 together with the family is the best celebration in this festival. More

Fresh Prawn Dumpling (鲜虾水饺)

“Make happy dumpling with your happy children at home!”

I like to make either wanton or dumpling as one of the soup dishes for dinner. Filled with meat and prawn in each dumpling. Usually, I make the dumpling for the family by my own. Or, I should say by mum, instead. I was there to help out.

We made this dumpling dish together, with mum. First, place 1 spoon of meat mixture in the centre of the dumpling skin. Add 1 prawn, and wet finger tips with some water and wipe around the edge of the skin.

Just fold the dumpling by half. More

Basic Homemade Crepe

“Simple pan-crepe you can make at home, for hearty breakfast or tea time snacking

Ray, one of my blog readers, requested a pan cake recipe about 1 month+ back. I promised to write my pancake recipe for him, and I delayed it till now (sobbing). “So sorry, Ray. It was not that I didn’t have time to do it, it was simply because I did not really feel like having pancake during my diet period (Pancake is higher in carbohydrate).” However, I had it this morning! It was raining this morning, ran out of ready breakfast food at home, and I have much peanut butter left in the refrigerator going to expire in one month time, and thus, I made ‘pancake’ with making use of peanut butter as its filling (chuckling)!

However, it didn’t turn out very “pancaked”, it appeared to be more like a crepe, instead! Basic pan-crepe with the most basic taste. Thus, eating it plain might not be as nice as putting some sweet filling such as jam, peanut butter, honey, chocolate syrup, and etc. However, with its simplicity in the steps of making such crepe, your success rate of making this could be almost 100%! More

Teochew Cuisine – Dessert Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts & Pumpkins (白果金瓜配潮州芋泥)

“Famous Teochew Sweet Yam Paste, the hearty flavour created at home, for your love ones”

I love sweet yam paste. We pronounce it as “Or Nee” in Teochew dialect. Basically, most food products made of yam paste are my favourite. I love the taste of yam. Yam puff, yam pancake, yam bun, yam biscuit, yam cake, yam in soup, and etc. Yam, yam, and yammy…

Sweet yam paste is a famous traditional Teochew dessert. This dessert dish will be served at most Teochew restaurants in Singapore. 1 regular portion of sweet yam paste dessert costs about $5 – 6. Price is expensive! So, how about give it a try at home? Try my sweet yam paste recipe here. More

DYI Fuzhou-Style Popiah (自制福州薄饼)

“My Delicious Fu Zhou-Style Popiah Meal at Home”

Last month, Eve, one of my readers, & I were chatting (in my web chat box before it was removed) about nutrition values of local delicacies and our favourite food, Popiah! It has been awhile after our happy conversation, I decided to make my home-cooked popiah meal over the weekend!

Home-cooked version is slightly different from outside stores as home-cooked one tends to have more ‘liao (料)’ (English translation: side ingredients/ fillings) than the commercial ones. However, I mixed all side ingredients into one pot instead of making each side ingredient separately. This is a tradition “Fu Zhou (福州)” (one of the China province) style, according to my mum. This “all-in-one pot of Fuzhou topping” helps to save some effort, and to create a more homely flavour (smiling). More