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Express Cheesy Mashed Potato

“Silky mashed potato, expressly made from home. A good accompaniment for your Western meal, or to simply enjoy it as a snack when all you want is just smooth, creamy & mild cheesy feeling in the palate!”

This mashed potato was just so fabulous, even without the instant mushroom sauce. It’s simply smooth and exceedingly moist enough for the palate.

Yes, if you are looking for a slightly different mashed potato recipe, try this simple and quick to fix mashed potato dish at home. Good for an express lunch with greens salad, or to pair with nice juicy chop for a romantic dinner. read more

Sautéed Potatoes with Italian Herbs

Flavourful sautéed potatoes made at home

One of the sides I have prepared was this potato dish. I tasted a similar dish in a gathering at one of our buddies’ house some time back. This friend of ours is good at cooking Western cuisine, and he cooked this dish for us to pair with our wine drinking.

This dish looked appealing and elegant when first served, and I thought it was good to serve for an occasion, too. Taste of it was, of course, flavourful and aromatic (smile).

I chose to sauté than roasting the potatoes to create crisped surface (with soft consistency inside). And, there was another reason for sauté as I can ‘save‘ some work on making the meal. See, instead of needing to take care of the oven altogether, I could use only the pan frying method for both the potatoes and chicken chop! Just added a little more olive oil when came to the chicken chops. Yeah, it helps to save a little here (winking smile). read more

A1 Curry Chicken (Express Recipe)

“Impress your guests with this quick and easy curry chicken and egg goodies during your open house or friends’ visit!”

Curry chicken is a common spicy Indian cuisine across Asia countries. Asian loves spicy food, and Singaporean is always so fascinated by this fabulous curry dish. We have our own version of curry chicken, whereby its gravy is more ‘watery’. Indeed, we like to drench the bread, especially french loaf, into curry sauce, eating the loaf with curry dipping as a meal just by its own. Having more gravy in the curry chicken dish, we can even pour the curry sauce onto a plate of fried bee hoon (rice noodles) or fried rice to complement the dryness of the fried bee hoon/ rice. read more

Sweet Potato Dessert Soup with Dried Longan Recipe

“Heart-warming & savoury sweet potato dessert soup with dried longan. Simple recipe and tips to attain perfect taste and texture of this sweet soup dish!”

You do have impression that potato-related food is generally a ‘fattening’ food, don’t you? Would you believe if I tell you only potato is considered as, but not the sweet potatoes? Yes, not all kinds are. Sweet potatoes are not a fattening food. In fact, both potato and sweet potato are NOT high in calorie. The difference is, potatoes contain higher GI (= 56 – 65) (which somehow related to ‘fattening’), while sweet potatoes are relatively low GI (= 48 – 54) food. Check out GI(Glycemic Index)/ GL elaboration here. read more

Baked Sausage & Ham Scramble Quiche with Potato Base

“It’s a perfect simple dinner, the wholesome and smart-eating meal, for working couple and small family.”

EAT the soup in the quiche.. Sounds special huh? It’s not only about eating the quiche, you’ll get to enjoy the soup, not separately, but in the same food! Yes, cream of mushroom soup was added into this wholesome and delish baked scramble casserole. Most of all, this is so simple and quick to make!

A satisfying and filling 1-dish western meal adapted from a recipe featured in a lifestyle magazine, I baked this dish this evening (it’s Monday!) as dinner. Yes, it’s Monday blue. Thinking that it’s still a long week to go, I was too ‘tired’ (or lazy) to fix rice-with-dishes dinner meal (laughing). read more

Jacket Potato (Baked Potato) Recipe

“Jacket potato with the all-time-favourite filling of sour cream and bacon bits, who can resist it?!”

Jacket potato, commonly known as baked potato. We call it a jacket potato when additional fillings are complemented. There are ways to make jacket potatoes. With or without foil wrapping, use of oven or microwave, with soft & moist or crisped potato skin texture, as well as various choices of toppings, from taste of basic sour cream to complex seafood mixture. Name your desired choices! read more