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My Valentine’s All-Day Breakfast

“Romantic coffee pancakes with smoked salmon, cheesy scrambled egg & flowers.”

Valentine’s Day is always romantic. Though we hope that everyday is just as great as the festive day itself, but who doesn’t wish it to be a little more special and memorable, and simply to mark the day.

If cooking dinner is not for you, you want to be brought to romantic candle-lit dinner, don’t you? Still, wish to do something for your loved one, how about a fanciful breakfast yo kick start your romantic day? read more

Pumpkin Pancake with (Banana) Ice Cream

“Delicious home-flavour pancake in restaurant standard, what’s more you are asking for.”

This will surely become my frequent cooking from now on!

I loved pumpkin, I loved pancake, I loved ice cream, I loved dessert, and it has all! It is all…. the healthier version.

I realised that this pancake can be adapted in many different ways, easily. I am already thinking of the banana pancake, strawberry pancake, blueberry pancake, pandan pancake, chocolate pancake, and many more, but let’s start with this pumpkin version here…… read more