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Basic Homemade Crepe

“Simple pan-crepe you can make at home, for hearty breakfast or tea time snacking

Ray, one of my blog readers, requested a pan cake recipe about 1 month+ back. I promised to write my pancake recipe for him, and I delayed it till now (sobbing). “So sorry, Ray. It was not that I didn’t have time to do it, it was simply because I did not really feel like having pancake during my diet period (Pancake is higher in carbohydrate).” However, I had it this morning! It was raining this morning, ran out of ready breakfast food at home, and I have much peanut butter left in the refrigerator going to expire in one month time, and thus, I made ‘pancake’ with making use of peanut butter as its filling (chuckling)! read more

Marina Barrage, Reservoir in the City

“Singapore’s latest downtown icon – Marina Barrage. A weekend spot cum educational visit, for you and your family.”

First heard of this newest spot was from my friend, and then was broacasted in the TV news, featuring new reservoir, the bridge where visitors may have a stroll, and big green patch where visitors may enjoy a picnic there. A FOC place for the residents!

This majestic dam was was officially opened on 1 Nov 2008. A very new place for you to explore! Open daily, and it’s FOC! read more

Disney naturally, Food & Fun Place for your Family and Kids!

“Gourmet Paradise, purely for the children. The Disney naturally at Anchor Point, Singapore.”

This place could be considered as a nice weekend spot for the family especially with toddlers/ children age ranged from 2 to 12 year old. A place you may like to bring your children for a kid-entertainment filled eating place.

Even the ceiling is decorated with photos of Mickey’s family.

A very large LCD screen showing famous cartoon with daily change of cartoon titles. Children may enjoy themselves with the cartoon while having their meal. Of course, not so good for the digestion, but what’s so big deal for having some indiscipline on the table once in a blue moon (smiling)?? read more

DYI Fuzhou-Style Popiah (自制福州薄饼)

“My Delicious Fu Zhou-Style Popiah Meal at Home”

Last month, Eve, one of my readers, & I were chatting (in my web chat box before it was removed) about nutrition values of local delicacies and our favourite food, Popiah! It has been awhile after our happy conversation, I decided to make my home-cooked popiah meal over the weekend!

Home-cooked version is slightly different from outside stores as home-cooked one tends to have more ‘liao (料)’ (English translation: side ingredients/ fillings) than the commercial ones. However, I mixed all side ingredients into one pot instead of making each side ingredient separately. This is a tradition “Fu Zhou (福州)” (one of the China province) style, according to my mum. This “all-in-one pot of Fuzhou topping” helps to save some effort, and to create a more homely flavour (smiling). read more

Easy Tofu Dish

“It is yummy!! Soft, tender and flavoursome Tofu Dish!”

Yes, I want to thanks Food Lover for her “chin chye” (English defination: easy-going) mood recipe ideas (winking smile)!

The tofu dish photo in her post looks so alluring that made me want to give it a try, despite the fact of me having soft spot for tofu dish…. (chuckling).

Indeed, it is easy to cook. The tedious part should be the tofu frying part. It takes about 10 min if you choose the saute method while deep frying method will take half the time to get tofu fried. Overall preparation and cooking time take only about 15 – 20 minutes. read more

Wine & Dessert in Club Med, Bintan Island

“Dessert & Wine @ Club Med, Bintan Ria”

1)Green Tea & Macadamia Nuts Cake. This luscious cake was so delicious with its pleasant sweet taste and fun’nutty’ texture in between. Its mild green tea flavour elevated the overall. It was definitely a good treat after heavy meal.

2) Tri-Colour Mousse in the Glass. It was made with 3 layers of mousse, vanilla  strawberry and chocolate. The texture of the mousse was so velvety and light-bodied. Its pleasantly sweet taste was certainly a plus point in making the glass a very popular dessert choice. read more