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My Hotpot Dining Experience at Tao Heung (稻香超级渔港) in Hong Kong

“My first hot pot dining experience with Peir 88 of Tau Heung branch restaraunts in Hong Kong. Nice, but it could be better, if I knew….. Read this now and pick up some tips ad tricks on how to enjoy your hotpot meal to the fullest!”

Eating hotpot (or called it steamboat) in Hong Kong was commonly seen and well liked by the people, especially during cold weather. They called it 打邊爐 (in Cantonese: Da Bin Lou) in Hong Kong.

It was late Winter during our visit. Still considered good time to have hotpot, especially after taking a breezy walk in the cold evening. read more

Signature Crispy “Piggy” Bun & Fresh Tomato Noodle Soup at 勝香園 @ Sheung Wan, HK Island (香口脆脆和番茄汤面 @ 上環勝香園大排檔)

“All-time packed authentic road side stall which you shouldn’t miss, for their signature fragrant crisped bun and refreshing tomato noodle soup!”

There were so many good eating places in the area of Sheung Wan and Central (上環/ 中環), including the very famous dim sum place, Lian Xiang Lou (莲香樓). But nope, it was not about dim sum, this post featured the value-for-money local breakfast place, 勝香園/ 胜香园 (Cantonese as: Sing Heong Yun), a Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong 大排檔 (roadside stall). read more

Sang Kee Fresh Fish Soup Bee Hoon at Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island (上環生記鮮魚汤米线)

“Eat what the locals eat.”

We booked our hotel accommodation in Tin Hau area (next to Causeway Bay) where plenty of yummy street food were found. Right after checking in, we were eager to find some food to fill our famished stomachs. However, we did not hang around Tin Hau area for street food. I thought the popular noodle soup would be just right for us, for its convenient location in Sheung Wan, where I needed also to shop for my soy sauce (from Kowloon Soy Co.), and some nice and cheap boots from a streetside stall there. Without further delay, we set off quickly, by MTR. read more

Dessert Paradise in Hong Kong (2)

With two fabulous experiences we had, as mentioned in previous post, we were ready for more, just to satisfy our sweet tooth. Here’re the following stores:

3) Yee Shun Milk Company (义顺牛奶公司)

If you wished to have dairy products and eggy dessert, don’t miss these, Double-steamed Milk Pudding (双皮奶), and Steamed Egg Pudding (炖蛋). This well-known dairy shop, Yee Shun Milk Company (义顺牛奶公司) served terrific milk desserts.

Double-steamed Milk Pudding could be served hot or chilled. I preferred it warm as it yields smoother and softer texture in the palate. It has also stronger milky taste than the chilled pudding. Most importantly, the hot milk pudding comes with a layer of ‘milk skin’ which created from its “double-steaming” effect (see above). It was a very unique mouth feel, indescribable. You have to really try it to know…. :) read more

Dessert Paradise in Hong Kong

“It’s my Dessert Paradise!”

How could anyone resist dessert in Hong Kong? From hot piping sweet paste to chilled icy sweet dessert, never missed the sweet life here.

I tried a few popular dessert shops located all around Hong Kong. Let’s see.

1) First, the famous chain stores named Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert (许留山).

One of the popular names for sweet treats that came within your sight almost everywhere in Hong Kong, even in New Territories (新界区)! We went to outlet at: Hui Lau Shan in Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣)@ 24-30 Percival Street, Po Hon Building, the 26th G/F (波斯富街24-30號寶漢大廈地下26號舖). read more