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Green Mung Bean with Barley Dessert Soup

“Green (Mung) Bean Sweet Soup & Barley, Double Taste & Double Benefit”

Whenever I think of slimming food, I think of green bean.

I’ve ever came across an article on how green bean helps in slimming effect. A bowl of green bean paste/ soup (without sugar added) to be taken daily helps to lose weight. Result will be seen as fast as within a week. Frankly, I am not quite sure if it is so real. Based on my experience, it helps a little. Was it due to the green beans? Probably yes, as it aids digestion, afterall. Anyway, green bean offers nutritional benefits. read more

Yummy Ginseng Chicken Soup

We liked to drink soup. Westerners liked creamy soup, Asians liked herbal soup. Singaporeans liked both the creamy soup e.g. Cream of mushroom and herbal soup e.g. Ginseng Chicken soup. In Singapore, it was easy to find stores or even top-notch Chinese restaurants selling good tonic soup. However, I still found it the best to homecook! at least we knew what goes into the soup.

Some of my friends told me that they do not have time to boil herbal soup as it would take hours to extract the essence of the herbs. I suggested them using a slow cooker. Some said they heard that the soup cooked from slow cooker does not taste nice, but I wouldn’t quite agree.. I used slow cooker to boil my herbal/ tonic soups and even Bak Kut Teh (Meaty pork bone herbal soup), during workdays. Just put water, meat, and herbs or herbs packet in the pot, set slow cooker to Auto mode to slow boil in the morning before going off to work. By the time we reached home in the evening, the aroma of ginseng soup filled the house…. Add salt to taste, just about 5 min before served. read more