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Crispy Cornflake Prawn Fritters

“Creates the real flavour out of its simplicity”

Using cornflakes to coat prawn fritters makes the dish special and imaginably delicious. The cornflakes crust created a much more crispy texture and aromatic flavor in the palate than the flour or bread crumbs coating.

I learned this delicious cornflake prawn fritters dish from an adaption of recipe in a small fast food recipe book complimentary with the purchase of a lifestyle magazine.

My family loved this version of deep fried prawn fritters so much. This recipe was indeed sugaring our meal last evening. The whole dish with servings for 4 was mopped up by just 3 of us in the end of the dinner. read more

“Popcorn” Pork (Fried Pork Chunks with Biscuit Crumbs)

“Try making these cute and tasty little fried pork cubes to increase your child’s appetite”

This is a variation of “popcorn” chicken.

I intended to cook sweet and sour pork at first, but ended up with just the fried meat with biscuit crumbs added. It was crisped, and tasty enough to eat without sauce/ gravy onto it.

These bite-sized crisped meat chunks looked cute and delicious. It resembled the “popcorn” chicken in KFC. Yes, pretty alike, except it was made of pork instead. And, I had it made better as tasty cream crackers were made into crumbs and added to these fried “pork corn” (laughing). It wasn’t necessary to add biscuit crumbs into this fried popcorn pork, but I did. Yes, it was much more delicious and aromatic, with a hint of buttery taste. Yummy! read more

House Specialty Fried Chicken Wings

“Impress your loved ones with these extensively flavoursome fried chicken mid-joints and drumlets!”

This is my house specialty chicken wing dish with simple preserved red beancurd.
Again, simple and quick recipe is my forte, same goes to this dish!

Not the standard oyster sauce flavour which I used to cook, taste of fried chicken wing never the same again!

8 – 9 medium Chicken mid-joints
8 – 9 medium Chicken drumlets (winglets)
2 cubes of preserved red beancurd (Chinese translation: 红腐乳)
1 cube of chicken stock essence cube, chilled it first
2 tablespoon of self raising flour
read more

Fried Pork Ribs with Fermented Red Soy Bean Curd (炸南乳排骨)

“Aromatic dish, for the scent and taste.”

I find this dish tastes much better and chewy in the palate when using pork ribs in this recipe. Use of 3-layer-pork is nice, too, if you prefer to eat it with some fat.

The fragrance of the fried rib mingles in the palate and creates a very pleasant after-taste. However, some might find it a little salty due to the red soy bean curd. Do not reduce the amount of this red soy bean curd, but you may cut short its marinating time. The longer you marinate it, the saltier taste it will be. Same thing, if you wish to yield a more intensive taste, marinate it overnight! read more

Crispy Fried 3-layer Pork Belly with Fermented Red Soy Bean Curd (南乳肉)

“Extra Juicy, Crispy & Frangrant Fried Pork with Red Soy Bean Curd”

I have a special dish to introduce to you.

You probably taste or at least heard about preserved soy bean curd (Chinese translation: 豆腐乳) which normally goes well with plain porridge as side dish, but have you came across red soy bean curd?

RED soy bean curd (Chinese translation: 红腐乳or南乳 ), also called preserved red bean curd or red tofu cheese. It is made of fermented tofu with salting process for more than 30 hours. It then be removed from the bottles, and added with red rice wine. Lastly, it will be preserved for another 60 days as second fermentation, before consumption. read more

Fried Prawns Fritters with Fruity Cheese Topping

“Indulge your taste buds with a treat of this cheesy and fruity fried prawns dish.”

I had leftover mozzarella cheese in my refrigerator. Did not want to keep for too long. How shall I use it to prepare dinner, besides using it for pizza making?

Actually, I intended to fry just the battered prawns which are tasty enough to eat it just by itself. Uh huh! Let me cook cheesy fried prawns then! Since all of us love cheese, might as well make it a ‘wet’ dish instead of eating it dry, right? read more