Fish Fillet in Fried Shallot Oil and Oyster Sauce

“Nice Fried Fish with Fried Shallot Oil and Oyster Sauce”

My inspiration of this recipe came from the popular vegetable dish in Singapore and Malaysia, the blanched vegetable with oil & oyster sauce (油菜). I used the same method, but changed the boiled vegetable to fried fish. Kinda expected the fish dish will turn out good, and it is indeed tasted delicious, fragrant, robust, and appropriately done! I love this fish dish!

Fish is always the best food for both adult and children in most cases. It contains DHA which benefits a lot to our health and brain. More

Teochew Style Steamed Fish

“Teochew-Style Steamed Fish”

This is one of my fish recipes I am proud to share here. Teochew style steamed fish with salted vegetable and Chinese tofu. Taste of this dish is pleasantly good and fragrant. Simple to make and success rate is high, for many beginners in cooking fish.

I used sea bass instead of the usual choice of white Pomfret (My White Pomfret Recipe). Of course, white Pomfret tastes more appropriate with this recipe, but if it is not available, I think sea bass is the best alternative. More