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Duck Soup with Salted Vegetables & Tofu (咸菜豆腐鸭汤)

“Flavoursome Chinese soup that helps to reduce body ‘heatiness’.”

Salted vegetables soup is what Chinese believes to help reducing ‘body heat’ (降火). Moreover, salted vegetables and tofu soup is my favourite. I loved to have the soup cooked with duck meat.

Duck meat yields more intense flavour in the soup, especially roasted duck. Yes, I loved roasted one. Whenever I bought whole roast duck from the store for dinner that evening, I would use those boney parts, such as, duck neck, wings and spines, to cook this soup since we do not eat those parts. As such, I will not waste any of my food. So, we have the hot and flavoursome soup to go along with our roast duck meal!

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Roast Duck Rice Porridge

“Delicious roast duck rice thick porridge cooked with leftover duck meat”

My family likes to eat roast duck, so do I.

I always get roast whole duck from the store and packed home as dinner. Just need to cook rice and fry a dish of vegetables. That’s a complete sumptuous dinner meal for us. However, we couldn’t finish the whole duck, most of the time. Half duck portion is not enough for us and more expensive to get only half, while whole duck will be too much. However, I still go ahead to get one whole piece every time. Then, what do I do with the leftover duck? It is always a ‘motivation’ for me to get one whole duck right away, it’s the use of cooking duck porridge the following day!

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