What is Cholesterol? Steps to control HDL and LDL in you and your child!

“Having a feast everyday? What is your Cholesterol level? What is Cholesterol and how does Cholesterol make you “SICK” and “HEALTHY”?!”

Cholesterol is a soft, fat-like substance (the combination of fat and protein called a lipoprotein) found in the bloodstream and in all your body’s cells. It’s normal to have cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important part of a healthy body because it’s used for producing cell membranes and some hormones, and serves other needed bodily functions. But too much cholesterol in the blood causes blood vessels to become narrowed with fatty deposits called plaques. This leads to a major risk for cardiovascular disease (heart and blood vessels diseases) and causes stroke.

Cholesterol (Lipoproteins) can be high density (HDL), low density (LDL), depending on how much protein there is in relation to fat.
HDL Cholesterol (GOOD Cholesterol): About one-fourth to one-third of blood cholesterol is transported as HDL, which is mostly made up of protein and a small amount of fat. Such cholesterol is known as “good” cholesterol, because high levels of HDL seem to protect against heart attack. In another way of saying, having low levels of HDL (less than 40 mg/dL) will increase the risk of heart disease. This is because most experts think that HDL tends to carry cholesterol away from the arteries and back to the liver, where it’s passed from the body. Women tend to have a higher level of HDL cholesterol than men, an article claimed. More