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Christmas on the Snow (Strawberry Cake Recipe)

Just baked this cake for leisure indulgence, and saw its pure white creaming with bright red strawberries on it. This reminds me of the…. Christmas which is approaching!

Besides the log cakes, I think this cake makes wonder for my Christmas this year. I am gonna bake this same cake again for the Christmas and I am confident that this will be a big hit for the children of my friends over the small gathering I am going to have during the season.

It’s very simple to bake and decorate. I am sure you will like to have one for your festive celebration. Yeah, how about having this “Christmas on the Snow” for the eve, and a.. chocolate log cake for the actual day? Sounds great, isn’t it (chuckling)?! read more

Homemade Whipped Cream

“Simple Homemade Non-Dairy Whipped Cream for Topping and Filling”

Whipped cream is easy to make. You can have the whipped cream made, to use it as topping of cream cake, cold pie, fruit tart, and even fresh cut fruits.

A good quality whipped cream can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 2 days.

Most of the time, the more commonly used whipping cream is dairy, and heavy. Heavy whipping cream which contains about 40% of fat, required lesser whipping time than the light whipping cream. read more