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Nasi Lemak (Steamed Coconut Cream Rice – 椰浆饭)

“What a great way to say hello to your overseas friends. Let your home-cooked do the job!”

Nasi Lemak, a common name in the list of the local food delicacies of Asia.

Nasi Lemak, one of the top Malaysian cuisine has its great influence to Singaporean. Many local Chinese, thus, eat and cook this aromatic rice dish, for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. As such, Nasi Lemak is not limited to just the Malay food stalls, it’s commonly sold in Chinese eateries everywhere in Singapore. For the Singaporean Chinese version of Nasi Lemak, it comes with even greater varities of side dish. What makes it different from the traditional Nasi Lemak which wrapped in banana leaf and comes with standard sides e.g. egg and chicken wing or fried tiny Kampung fish, the Chinese Nasi Lemak allows you to pick or choose your favourite side dishes from the pool of selections provided by the stall/ eatery, in general. Any versions, they all taste heaven..

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Honey Dew Sago Recipe

“Chilled honey dew sago dessert. Refreshing and yummy dessert to save your bucks, yet, surely to impress the crowd in your party, or your very loved ones!”

Requested by Serene in my FB fan club, I made this dessert, and am posting my recipe of this dessert, the Honey Dew Sago dessert for her today. :)

I made this for our dessert after dinner this evening. Weather is getting warmer recently. So, this chilled fruits dessert comes in great! My girl loved it and had asked for second serving, even right after a full dinner!

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Bo Bo Cha Cha (Asian Coconut Milk Dessert Soup)

“Mind me, this is a ‘Sinfulicious’  week!”

Another ‘sinful’ (but delicious) recipe today, the Asian dessert soup, Bo Bo Cha Cha!

I am surely not a fan of coconut milk based dessert, but not sure why, I was craving for this Bo Bo Cha Cha the other day. Missed the feeling of chewing the super chewy tapioca flour cubes in this dessert soup! I loved having yam cubes and different types of sweet potatoes altogether! So, I cooked it yesterday. Yummy!

Bo Bo Cha Cha (Bubur Cha Cha) dessert soup is an Asian dessert, porpularly sold at hawker centers and food courts in Singapore and Malaysia. I heard the original name of Bo Bo Cha Cha in Malay words is, Bubor Cha Cha. Bubur means ‘porridge’, and I guess it was due to its thick consistency of soup base resembling texture of porridge.

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Teochew Cuisine – Dessert Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts & Pumpkins (白果金瓜配潮州芋泥)

“Famous Teochew Sweet Yam Paste, the hearty flavour created at home, for your love ones”

I love sweet yam paste. We pronounce it as “Or Nee” in Teochew dialect. Basically, most food products made of yam paste are my favourite. I love the taste of yam. Yam puff, yam pancake, yam bun, yam biscuit, yam cake, yam in soup, and etc. Yam, yam, and yammy…

Sweet yam paste is a famous traditional Teochew dessert. This dessert dish will be served at most Teochew restaurants in Singapore. 1 regular portion of sweet yam paste dessert costs about $5 – 6. Price is expensive! So, how about give it a try at home? Try my sweet yam paste recipe here.

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Singapore Curry Laksa with All-in-One Laksa Paste Package

It’s Laksa time! (Laksa: Coconut Milk Curry)

Yes, laksa, again. I know I’ve already cooked curry laksa in the Low-Fat Singapore Laksa recipe, but I was trying the All-in-One curry laksa paste package this time. My mother who loves curry laksa alot, recommended the Prima Taste brand of laksa package. With good reference, I did not hesitate to pay $5.75 for a package of such. No more low-fat coconut milk as the package does come with coconut milk (powder form). Other than the laksa paste and coconut milk, it also includes sambal chili (chili paste) and dried coriander leaves for garnishing. This makes laksa-making process an easy one. Hassle-free, and most suitable for quick home-cooking.

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Low Fat Singapore Laksa

“Home-cooked Laksa with abundance of sides to go along. Hubby loved it!”

I reached home at about 7pm last evening. No kid day! My girl was brought out by my mum tonight since it’s school holiday. Nonetheless, I still have to cook my dinner for myself and hubby.

Haven’t gotten any food ingredient prepared for my laksa dinner, I started to wash and peel the prawns, cut meat into thin slides and soak bean sprout (all ingredients bought from supermarker during lunch hour, after my lunch at a neighbourhood area). Set them aside, I boiled a pot of water for laksa soup. Since I did not have much time after work, I used readily packed laksa paste which commonly available in any supermarket (about $1.70 and $2.50 per packet). Curry paste is not difficult to make, but it requires spare time to do the blending and frying process. So, curry or chilli flavoured dish is the only dish which I usually use ready-made paste to cook as it is fast, less hassle, and convenient, especially for those working mothers or beginners in cooking. It does not really matter what brand used, they are pretty similar taste for most of the common brands. You may try this Hai’s Instant Laksa Paste (which good for 3 -4 person). To me, it’s the ratio of water, laksa paste and coconut milk that matters. So, I just have to boil the curry soup, prepare side dishes and blanch noodles, this great local delicacy took about 30 min to be served as our simply yummy dinner.

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