Christmas on the Snow (Strawberry Cake Recipe)

Just baked this cake for leisure indulgence, and saw its pure white creaming with bright red strawberries on it. This reminds me of the…. Christmas which is approaching!

Besides the log cakes, I think this cake makes wonder for my Christmas this year. I am gonna bake this same cake again for the Christmas and I am confident that this will be a big hit for the children of my friends over the small gathering I am going to have during the season.

It’s very simple to bake and decorate. I am sure you will like to have one for your festive celebration. Yeah, how about having this “Christmas on the Snow” for the eve, and a.. chocolate log cake for the actual day? Sounds great, isn’t it (chuckling)?! More

Chocolate Peach Torte

“Be spoilt by this true ~ sweet indulgence”

When this torte was first made, it looked deceptively dense and overly rich. I thought this might be a failure to my first torte baking. But guess what? It was a big hit by my family and friends! As for me, I had it for my tea session over the weekend, reading my favourite lifestyle magazine while enjoying this own-baked savoury treat~ Yes.. and “No” (smile), it wasn’t overly rich for the taste bud. Instead, the taste was just right to bring out the true sensation! True creamy chocolaty taste, and pleasantly sweet without being overpowering. Texture of the cake is dense (that’s why it is called “torte”), but it is perfectly matched with the soft and smooth mousse cream in between the layers (Yes, torte is supposed to make in layers). Its density complements the silky mousse cream and chocolate topping, creating an overall taste of perfection!

Yeah, chocolate topping and mousse cream at the centre have to be in thick layers with just thin layer(s) of sponge cake (that makes a torte! And my first ‘spongy’ layer was a little too thick..:p). And, yes, torte has to have fruits (dry fruits, especially) and/ or nuts. Ha! Now you know what is “torte” (winking smile)?! More

Easy Cream Cheese Pound Cake

“Relish the homebaked light and moist cream cheese pound cake”

Pound cake simply means a pound of each ingredient or ratio of 1:1:1:1 of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. I tried, but I guess my pound cake is still not in the so-very-strict traditional pound cake making rules (Well, I just wish to accomodate the majority taste buds of the modern world..still, almost 1:1:1:1 ration..:p), but it is definitely a delicious easy cream cheese cake.. (winking smile). And my pound cake resembles more like an American pound cakes which has lighter body, but often contain an abundance of butter to offer a rich taste. My pound cake is sweet, but not too greasy to have it served even after heavy meal.

Yes, this pound cake tastes mild in the palate, but never lose its the aroma of fragrant cream cheese. So, you will not feel ‘sick‘ for eating slices of it! Texture of this cake is, again, moist and smooth, especially when you eat it warm.

If you can’t finish the bake within a day, it’s OK. Refrigerate it and it may last for at least a week long. To serve it warm, just reheat with microwave at low heat for 30 seconds, to resume its soft and fluffy consistency. More

Vegetarian Almond Cup Cakes Recipe (Eggless Cake)

“Tiny Eggless Almond Cup Cakes, good for your vegetarian diet, perfect as healthy snack for your young ones! And, it is simple to make!”

As you might know, my family and I will be on vegetarian diet on specific days i.e. 1st and 15th of every Lunar calendar month due to religious belief.

Even though we are not a strict vegetarian (we take eggs), but I am happy to learn an eggless cake. That way, we can have better religious vegetarian diet for totally avoiding egg intake, even for my dessert time! More

Chocolate Chip and Macadamia Nut Muffins

“I don’t call it the best muffin, but it’s what we called the homemade savoury!”

There isn’t any odd combination, make your very own muffin into savoury varities! I made a nutty one! Yes, chocolate chips muffin with Macadamia nuts added into it. In fact, you may add any kind of nuts you like, even peanuts.. and that was what my “Master”, Richard, joked about in his baking class (chuckling)!

250 grams of self-raising flour
2 medium eggs
125 grams of butter, soften
150 grams of milk
100 grams of sugar
100 grams of Macadamia nuts, coarsely crushed and roasted at 160°C for 5 – 10 minutes till golden brown
200 grams of chocolate chip
20 grams of cocoa powder/ or chocolate powder
1 teaspooon of cinnamon powder

1 teaspoon of dark rum essence, optional More

(Low-Fat) Marble Yogurt Cheese Cake

“Cottony soft steam-baked yogurt cheese cake. A healthy & savoury treat for you & your loved ones!”

Cheese cake is almost everyone’s favourite dessert! I had my non-baked cheese cake recipe earlier on.. And learnt this baked one from a baking class recently.

The thing I liked particularly about this recipe is the almost melt-in-mouth softness. With yogurt added into the recipe, it’s not just about adding fragrance and taste, it makes the cake more mellow.

Unlike creamy cheese cake, this cottony soft and moist cake was not too sweet. I have sweet-tooth, but I don’t like my dessert to have too much sugar. And, this recipe has the perfect sweetness for me. Thanks to the right amount of sugar added and also the contribution of yogurt taste to it! More

SuperMoist Homemade Banana Cake

“Bake your own supermoist banana cake at home, sprinkle some icing sugar and devour this savoury sweet treat, anytime, anywhere!”

The first banana cake I baked was cinnamon flavour banana cake. It turned out quite successfully, but some of my colleagues said this pure banana flavour (without cinnamon) tasted even better. And, it was a hit when served.

My banana cake recipe (*see previous post for detailed recipe) is quick and easy. The aromatic banana flavour was pretty intense even without adding any extra banana essence in it. Yes, it’s the natural banana taste!

The texture of this banana cake was moist with smooth mouthfeel. Do not forget the 50ml of milk in the recipe, it is the key for a moist and soft cake, and avoid denseness in it. More

Cinnamon Banana Cake

“Easy banana cake with cinnamon recipe which you can bake it, and devour it at anytime!”

I had 3 bananas left at home which I bought last week and turned too ripe to be eaten direct. I couldn’t bear to throw them away. Hence, I decided to forgo my initial intention of baking Chocolate Rum Cheese Cake, and baked a banana cake, instead.

Yes, I am getting more and more onto baking nowadays. I love the experience of having a bowl of plain mixture making from scratch turned into beautiful edible piece of food art (or at least it’s a total transformation from some plain flour and eggs mixes to delicious food stuff). I sincerely felt the achievement of creating the food which I could feed my family joyfully! More