My Open Secrets to The Success of Keeping My Perfect Waistline

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“Tips which you can practice daily to keep your perfect waistline” I love food, I have sweet tooth, I cannot be starved, and I eat anything I like… Read More »


Simple Exercise that Helps to Flatten Tummy

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“An easy exercise that gives you great help by just lying down… Anytime, anywhere…” Do this on the floor, sofa, and even on the bed.. Bridge exercise: Step… Read More »

Sze Chuan Vegetable Pork Ribs Soup

Szechuan Vegetable Soup with Dried Scallop and Spare Ribs

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“Time to put on your appron! A simple and yummy soup tonight, please.” Today, my colleagues and I had a “secret slimming soup” topic over lunch. She wanted… Read More »


Need Better Digestive System? Acidophilus, the Good Bacteria, is the answer.

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“L. Acidophilus – a friendly bacteria to our body system” I take L. Acidophilus powder on regular basis to prevent indigestion or bowel disorder. Most importantly, it helps… Read More »

Creamy mashed potato with banana and sausage

Special Mashed Potato Dish

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“Mashed Potato with 2 toppings that never fails to impress” Need a quick lunch on your weekend before a dinner date? I would like to share this simple,… Read More »

Grilled Garlic Prawn

Marinated Pork Chops and Stuffed King Prawns for BBQ

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“Great BBQ food” Today’s weekday, and no homecook dinner for the family tonight. Why? I had a company Barbeque party this evening. I am one of the four… Read More »


List of Food on different GI/ GL and Calorie Range. A Reference to your Diet Plan.

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“List of some food examples on different Glycemic Index (GI)/ Glycemic Load (GL) and Calorie range, just for your reference” Low GI (less than 55), Low GL (less… Read More »

Chocolate Fondue

Hearty Chocolate Fondue Make at Home, for Our Valentine.

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“Chocolate Fondue, everyone’s favourite! Make this on the Valentine’s Day, for your Valentine..” Besides having chocolate fondue at Häagen-Dazs which costs you about $30+ for 2, you can… Read More »

Cream Puff

Diet on Low Calories, Low GI or Low GL?

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“GI, Glycemic” Hey, Calories = Fat. GI? I would say more related to blood sugar level and carbohydrates than calories. Just some ideas to share with you on… Read More »

Sweet potato ball

Taiwan Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls

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“Fried sweet potato ball. My favourite as snack! “ $, $2 for 4 balls I remembered that deep fried sweet potato ball stores were easily found on the… Read More »

Slimming plate

Wanna lose weight? Know Your Daily Calorie Needs Better

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“Keeping fit? Know more about your Daily Caloric Intake.” Food energy is the amount of energy in food and drink that is available through digestion of our diet…. Read More »

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Yummy Ginseng Chicken Soup

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We like to drink soup. Westerners like creamy soup, Asians like herbal soup. Singaporeans like both creamy soup e.g. Cream of mushroom and herbal soup e.g. Ginseng Chicken… Read More »