My ‘Flavoursome’ 7-Day Detox Plan

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” Dieting does not have to be a chore, my 7-Day Detox Plan shares a felicitous diet life with you” Who says body detoxification program must farmish or… Read More »

Limphet congee

Small Abalone (Limpets) and Shredded Chicken Congee (小鲍鱼鸡丝粥)

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“An ideal healthy light meal for your detox diet plan.” Just feeling a little unwell with feverish body and dry throat. Chinese believes that rice congee or you… Read More »

Cheese cake

No Bake (Low-Fat) Yogurt Cheese Cake

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“A luscious No-bake Low-Fat Yogurt Cheese Cake with Easy-Making Steps. You may try it anytime, any day!” Yogurt is one of the staple food in my refrigerator. To… Read More »


No-Meat Diet

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“No-Meat Meals for You and Me” My colleague consulted me if having no-meat diets over a period will help in weight lose and slimming purposes. My answer is… Read More »

Char siew Roasted pork

Chinese Roasted Pork aka Char Siew Recipe (蜜汁叉烧)

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“Authentic Char Siew Recipe – Yummy & Juicy Roasted Pork that whets your appetite” ‘Char Siew’, is actually Cantonese pronunciation. It means ‘fork roasting’. Why is it being… Read More »

deep fried

Cooking Tips on Deep-Frying Food

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“Deep fry your food correctly” You can’t go wrong with deep-frying your food. Deep-fried food is always good to taste with an aromatic crisp texture to the palate…. Read More »


New Concepts in Singapore Mathematic for Lower Primary Students

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“New Concepts, New Habit in Singapore Mathematics for lower Primary students and Parents’ attitude” I am back! Back? Yes, back from an educational workshop on helping our children to handle… Read More »

Fried tofu with Chili bean paste

Fried Tofu with Chilli Black Bean Paste

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“A simple and palatable dish you can eat it with either steamed rice or plain porridge” A tofu dish which you may have it prepared and served in… Read More »

Fu Zhok dessert

Dried Bean Curd, Barley with Gingko Nuts Dessert Soup (腐竹薏米白果糖水)

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“Tons of good reasons for having this great dessert soup all the time!” I cooked this dessert umpteen times and still cook it always, for my family and… Read More »

Braised Ee Fu Noodle

Braised Assorted Ee Fu Noodles (焖什锦伊面)

In 1-dish Meal, Recipe, Rice & Noodles, Singapore Favourites On July 16, 2008 8 Comments

“Home-cooked Ee-Fu Noodles is irresistibly delicious” Braised Ee-Fu Noodles is a popular noodle dish in Cantonese cuisine which you may find it almost in every Chinese restaurant in… Read More »

ABC Soup

Assorted Vegetables Soup with Pork Ribs aka Chinese ABC Soup

In Low-Fat, Recipe, Soup On July 14, 2008 3 Comments

  “Kid’s Happy Meal. I don’t mean the McDonald kiddie packed fast food, it’s the Home cooked ABC Soup!” Soup is water which boiled together with other ingredients… Read More »

Assorted soup

Chinese-style Mushrooms, Vegetables and Minced Meat Ball Soup

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“Nutritious mixed soup you can have as dinner by its own, prepared in minutes” Many of my friends told me that they like to have soup as quick… Read More »