Prawn Noodle Soup

Prawn Noodle Soup (虾面汤)

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“Homemade Prawn Noodle Soup that you can’t resist” 1 dish meal is always the easiest cooking as weekday dinner. It could be prepared in 1 hour time, less… Read More »


What is Cholesterol? Steps to control HDL and LDL in you and your child!

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“Having a feast everyday? What is your Cholesterol level? What is Cholesterol and how does Cholesterol make you “SICK” and “HEALTHY”?!” Cholesterol is a soft, fat-like substance (the… Read More »

Jacob Ballas Park Waterfall

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden at Botanic Gardens

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“$7m green space meant to give the young an insight into natural world” For most of the family, weekend is family days, especially Sunday, for the children day!… Read More »

Melaka Chendol

Food in Malacca, Malaysia

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“Our 2-day FOOD Trip in Malacca.. It was so recharging!” We visited Malacca over a weekend! This is our second short getaway since Tioman Island. Total of 3… Read More »

French toast with honey

French Toast with Honey

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“Makes breakfast/ tea break a wonderful moment.” I always make this for tea time or when I can’t finish the loaf of bread purchased more than 3 days… Read More »

Mango Yogurt with Chunks

Fresh Mango-Yogurt with Mango Chunks in the Glass

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“Make for your children, they will sure love it and HEALTHY dessert! Your hubby, and loved ones, too!” Craving for dessert after dinner? Hmm… cut-fruits – boring, cakes… Read More »

Vegetarian Brocolli & Mock Abalone

Stir-fried Broccoli with Vegetarian Mock Abalone

In Low-Fat, Main, Recipe, Vegetables & Fruits On June 19, 2008 1 Comment

“Vegetarian dinner at home” Yesterday was Chinese Lunar Fifteenth. We try to keep Lunar First and Fifteenth of the month as vegetarian days. Since I have broccoli in… Read More »

Singapore Laksa Noodle

Low Fat Singapore Laksa

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“Home-cooked Laksa with abundance of sides to go along. Hubby loved it!” I reached home at about 7pm last evening. No kid day! My girl was brought out… Read More »

Ham roll with prawns

Delicious Ham Rolls with Prawns & Vegetables

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“Its sweetness and juiciness really whet your appetite” So happy! Saw my recipe creation in a popular women’s magazine – Her World (under 10-minute reader recipe column), in… Read More »

grilled pork chop

Thai Style Honey-Glazed Pork Chop

In Main, Meat & Poultry, Recipe On June 16, 2008 2 Comments

“Its sweetness and ‘lemon grass’ flavoured are irresistable” I tried this dish for dinner last evening. I used tenderloin part and cut it into very thin and small… Read More »

strawberries (1)

My Calorie-Intake List

In Nutrition & Diet, Ways to Keep Fit On June 15, 2008 6 Comments

“A rough guide to check your Calories (or KCal) intake. This is my way to keep fit!” 1 Calorie (technically kiloCalorie) = energy value of 4.186 kilojoules (kJ)…. Read More »


My Cooking Tips

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There are some good-to-know cooking tips to enhance your cooking, and to take note when handling the food items. These are things I have mentioned mostly in my… Read More »