Chicken Mayo Sandwich

“Great and easy sandwiches for your breakfast, lunch and even for a light dinner choice.”

Easy and flavorful. I did this for my girl for her recess, and for hubby and myself as packed breakfast. This is also great on a picnic or for an impromptu luncheon.

This sandwich I’ve made was the usual chicken Mayo with thick white bread. However, you may wish to make it more healthy to eat and lighter in calorie so that you will feel free to eat even during dieting period, use a low-fat/ light Mayonnaise which may be found off the shelves, at Cold Storage or NTUC Fairprice Finest (at Japanese product cell).

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Stir Fried Cauliflower, Sweet Bean and Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms

“Simple and delicious stir-fried mixed vegetables well liked by everyone in the family.”

I’ve posted a stir-fried assorted veggies with mushroom and fish ball recipe in my blog. This is similar with some adaptions from this previous recipe. But it’s less elements on the plate, yet more colourful, and cleaner looking now. Had the flower-shaped carrot slices to the mix for added texture and colour.

And, I did not use snow pea but the sweet bean, this time. In fact, I liked sweet bean. It does not taste sweet though. Sweet bean tastes and looks similar as snow pea, but it appears fuller in shape and its texture is crunchier than snow pea.

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Nutritious Lunch Idea, the Lunch Box Gourmet

Ai Xin Bian Dang (爱心便当) Lunch Bento that filled with Love. Making a packed lunch rather than buying one saves an astonishing amount of money. Yet, having a healthier and better lunch meal. Tell you more on how I prepare my lunch box for hubby.”

Hubby changed his office location to town area recently. It’s more hectic work as new, and for one who will be swearing for having lunch in the crowed area at peak lunch hour, he might end up skipping lunch or having just fast food than eating proper meal. Hence, I made effort to wake up earlier (1 hour earlier than usual during my kid’s holiday period), to make a lunch box for hubby to bring it to work. So that he could avoid the lunch crowd, and still enjoy a fulfilling, healthy and homey lunch box. Anyway, cooking for hubby, it’s also my favourite thing to do.

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Family-Oriented Resort in Bali

“Fun-filled Bali Dynasty Resort in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia”

Just to share some personal photos of the resort I’ve stayed over for my week-long holiday in Bali, as promised to some readers who are interested to explore further and consider for their future stays in Bali.

Let me show you the Deluxe room which suitable for 2 -3 sharings. It’s spacious and well maintained. The wing we stayed was just completed renovation days ago. Guess we were lucky enough for enjoying the brand new room. *There are many other choices of room and suite types for bigger family/ group.

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Crispy Cornflake Prawn Fritters

“Creates the real flavour out of its simplicity”

Using cornflakes to coat prawn fritters makes the dish special and imaginably delicious. The cornflakes crust created a much more crispy texture and aromatic flavor in the palate than the flour or bread crumbs coating.

I learned this delicious cornflake prawn fritters dish from an adaption of recipe in a small fast food recipe book complimentary with the purchase of a lifestyle magazine.

My girl and hubby loved this version of deep fried prawn fritters so much. This recipe was indeed sugaring our meal last evening. The whole dish with servings for 4 was mopped up by just 3 of us in the end of the dinner.

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Quick Japanese Sesame Sauce Noodle Dish

“Japanese sesame sauce noodle dish, simply top with your favourite ingredients to make a good additions to the dish, as desired.”

This recipe came to me from one of my office buddies, Joyce. She loved this noodles dish for its effortless cooking method and the delicious taste of the Japanese sesame sauce, likeable by the family. So, I took her recommendation and got a bottle of the sesame sauce off the shelves. Tried it and I liked it. Most importantly, it’s so easy and quick to prepare as a simple lunch or dinner. A great recipe to busy working class.

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