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Metric vs Imperial Measurements

Measurements differ from country to country. I used most common units for Asia (Singapore) which might not be so familiar for some western countries. Even though minor variations in measurements won’t affect your cooking, but it’s good if the recipe you like comes with measurements you are familiar with.

As a resident in Singapore, we use metric more than imperial measurement. I had a reader, Ms. Pauline Pogue aka Cheena Bukit, requested me to use imperial measurements for the benefit of US readers. I would very much like to do so, but to flow my measuring of ingredients using imperial units might be a challenge to me. What I did for imperial measurement readers here is, to have a unit converter added in my blog, you may always convert my metric measurement using the converter next to my posts. Alternately, check the conversion of units from metric to imperial listed as below, just for your reference: read more

Stir-fried Chinese Spinach with Goji Berries (清炒枸杞子苋菜)

“Healthy Stir-fried Chinese Spinach aka Yin Choi (Leaf Amaranth) with Goji Berries (Wolfberries). Don’t forget it’s nutritional values!”

If Chinese Spinach does not sound familiar to you. Try read it in Cantonese – Yin Choy, or in Mandarin as Xiàn Cài (苋菜). It’s Amaranth leaves.

This is a well-known ‘baby vegetable’. When baby starts taking solid or semi-solid meal, Chinese Spinach has always been the first vegetable choice to be cooked in porridge. Mince or blend the vegetables, before adding into baby’s porridge cooking. read more

Staple Food in My Kitchen

“The must-have food products in my kitchen/ refrigerator”

3 Jan 09 Genie: “Hi, really love your blog.. please keep on updating! can i request for a post on the “necessity” ingredients/things you will always buy and store in your kitchen/fridge?”

The above was a message from my reader, Genie. Her request of having a post on the staple food in my kitchen struck my mind. It’s time to stock-check my fridge and food storage cabinet!

Yes, I do have many things/ ingredients which have become my staple. As a seasoned cook at home, I just can’t “make food” without them (chuckling). read more

Breakfast Cereal with Banana Slices

“My Favourite Breakfast Cereal”

I love breakfast cereals!

All kinds of breakfast cereal, from cold whole grain cereal to hot porridge oat.

Breakfast cereal is usually eaten cold mixed with milk.

Of all kinds and brands, I prefer Post Selects brand, particularly Banana Nut Crunch Cereal.

I loved the generous amount of real banana and nut crunches found in the multi-grain clusters which are exceptional delicious. The existence of this sweet crunchy banana crunch eliminates the dullness of having “just another breakfast cereal”. read more

Fresh Chinese Yam Root (Huai Shan) Soup with Corn

“Soup that benefits you and your family, for health and vitality”

In the midst of sharing my food experiences in Hong Kong, I did not forget my house recipes.

Today, I would like to share this clear soup recipe which involves fresh Chinese Yam. In Chinese, we called it fresh Huai Shan (鲜淮山) or Shan Yao (山药). Whatever you called it, this is a very good natural food you should be taking regularly, in normal circumstances.

Chinese Yam Root/ Huai Shan(淮山)
Why do I emphasize the word, fresh, here? As we know, Huai Shan is widely used as Chinese tonic soup ingredients, it is usually made into dried form for easy storage purpose. Hence, dried Huai Shan has became so common that we have forgotten the fresh type. read more

New Moon Abalone Yu Sheng (‘鲍’ 生)

“While Yu Sheng, Raw Fish Lo Hei symbolises Increase in Abundance, 余升捞起, Abalone Lo Hei symbolises Guaranteed Success, 包你捞起! Instead of the Yu Sheng 余升,I called it, also, the Bao Sheng 包升 (Guaranteed Increase in Abundance) OR 包生 (Guaranteed Productivity), to whom it may concern (like me).. ha”

I LOVE Yu Sheng (鱼生 = 余升)! Yu Sheng dish is my favourite dish which only can be taken “meaningfully” once a year during the Lunar New Year. This “Chinese Salad” dish is my long waited dish throughout the year, indeed. read more