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The Must-Have Disposable Soup Bag

“Handy disposable soup bag is definitely a must-have material, for your convenient soup cooking! No washing & drying of soup bag after each use. It’s the most convenient and hygienic way to keep your soup cooking day a less hassle one!”

If you are like me, always cook soup base with tiny and loose ingredients, for instance, soy bean, dried anchovies or Chinese herbs, you need this soup bag, disposable one!

I bought the cloth soup bag once before, and wanted to use it in my soup cooking. However, I did not use it at all. That was because I really could not put myself to imagine putting a “cloth” to boil for hours.. It sound gross to me, frankly. Also, I had absolutely no idea how to clean the cloth bag and get rid of the ‘stain & smell’ emerged in the cloth after hours of boiling with soup ingredients. To use clorine? No way! Soak in soapy hot water? Goodness, the soup bag is for boiling soup, am I going to boil the soap in my soup, too, next time round??! For god sake!! read more

Wowzio Insights – Online Shopping for Kitchen Products

Wowzio Insights for Effective Online Shopping (for top-notch kitchen products) with Product Reviews”

Just came across this website by WOWZIO, offering its beautiful and functional widgets for bloggers’ posts and websites, at the same time, a special site helping users shop in a unique and useful way:

Wowzio “Insights”

I visited the site and realised that it is actually very useful, epsecially when you are looking at some kitchen products, and have no idea which is better, more functional, its comparable pricing in the market, and how to purchase it. Many comparisons of items, for instances, slow cookers, were actually from reviews write-up by real-life users. read more

TEFAL Non-Stick Wok with Lid

“TEFAL – a reliable non-stick Cookware”

I love to cook with my TEFAL wok. It’s non-stick type of wok with an unique design of Thermo-Spot™ heat indicator right at the centre of its cookware. So does my wok, of course! It gives you the green light to start cooking on it, when it turns red.

I find this thermo-spot is perfect for any first-timer who does not really know when is the best time to start putting in oil or food to cook. Even as a seasoned cook like me (chuckling), I think it is still good to ensure the right temperature (by looking at the occurance of solid red of the spot on the wok/ pan) to start cooking my favourite dishes. read more

My Corning Visions Cookingware

“Glass pots from Visions, yes, I loved it!”

Corningware from Visions had always been my favourite cookware. I loved its beautiful transparent and elegant looking as well as durability of the glass.

These glass pots came in various sizes, but the outlook design was always remained the same.  I thought it made the glass pots unique and recognizable.

I used Visions glass pots to cook my daily meals for over 5 years and these 3 pots in the photos were my second set since the 2 pots from the first set were used for quite awhile already. It was nothing due to cracking or any unusable reasons. Just me, and I liked to use brand new things, especially on kitchenwares, from time to time. read more