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Cooking Tips and value of ingredients used

Cooking Methods

“Just a brief on ways of cooking”

Blanching – usually used for vegetables or fruits, but nowadays, we used this term to describe on meat, too. Blanching refers to plunge the raw food into boiling salted water, for a quick boil. Then, place the hot food under running water or in cold/ icy water to halt the cooking.

Some cooking need blanched vegetable, to shorten the cooking time, and to retain its natural colour. Blanching helps to enhance not just the colour but taste of some green vegetables such as broccoli. Blanching vegetable has to be followed with halting process in cold water in order to reach its effect. read more

Do you have any Question on Singapore Local Delicacies?

“Worried about having too much delicious local food? Here’re some facts, just for your information.”

Tasty and popular local food has always been related with unhealthiness and/ or ‘diet killing’ due to its oily cooking method, unhealthy food and/ or artificial ingredients mixes.

My site visitor, Eve was concerned about eating “fattening” steamed carrot cake, egg cake (Chinese translation: “Ji Dan Gao” 鸡蛋糕) and Popiah…

I replied her in my chat box, and I would like to elaborate here. Hope Eve will get her doubts cleared with additional information loaded. read more

Sweet Potatoes From The Sweet Potato Place

“Healthy Sweet Potato”

$, about $3 – $3.50 per regular-size potato
I tried their sweet potatoes, finally!

Yes, the sweet potatoes were sold by weight. I couldn’t remember how much per gram, but one regular-sized (length less than 5” while diameter less than 2”) sweet potato cost me $3.20.

I bought one piece each of the yellow and purple fleshes.

It tasted so good while eating it hot, but not so when it was cooled. I found the texture too-soft which became a little paste-like consistency in the palate when cooled. read more

Green Mung Bean and its Nutritional Benefits

“Green (Mung) Bean offers best health benefits”

Green bean, is also famously known as Mung bean (Chinese translation: 绿豆). Its husk is green in colour, with yellow flesh when dehusked. It is low in fat, and high in its nutritional value. Whole green bean is solid, when it is raw. It takes hours in boiling to turn soft and fluffy.

Green bean claims to be a perfect slimming food. Some eat it as dieting food or food replacement in their slimming program. Not only it is low in fat, green bean is also a rich source of protein, and fiber which enables one to lower the high cholesterol level in body system. The high fiber in green bean yields complex carbohydrate which improves digestion. Complex carbohydrate helps to stabilize blood sugar in our body by preventing rapid rise after meal. It keeps our energy at an even level. Frequent consumption of green bean is beneficial to diabetes and one who suffers from high cholesterol level. read more

Cooking Tips on Deep-Frying Food

“Deep fry your food correctly”

You can’t go wrong with deep-frying your food. Deep-fried food is always good to taste with an aromatic crisp texture to the palate.

Often, fried food is perceived as unhealthy, fattening, and “heaty” stuff due to excessive oil absorption to the food, excessive repetition in using the same oil to fry, and consume too much piping hot stuff will cause ‘heatiness’ in our body resulted to ulcer, sore throat, and even fever, as Chinese believed. However, fried food is one of the most popular cooking methods, be it for commercial purpose, business or home-cooking. For meaty or vegetarian food, we just cannot totally eliminate fried food in our diet, can we? It’s just too hard to resist the temptation of having a bite or two, sometimes. I like fried food, from breakfast food to supper meal. Tell you what I normally take…. Doughnut or curry puff for breakfast, fried sweet potato or spring roll for tea break, fried chicken wings to go with fried bee hoon or nasi lemak (coconut-milked rice), fried fritter to dip in Bak kut teh soup (Meaty Ribs Herbal Soup), fried vegetable patty, meat, poutry, seafood…. and etc. read more

My Cooking Tips

There are some good-to-know cooking tips to enhance your cooking, and to take note when handling the food items. These are things I have mentioned mostly in my posts and recipes which you might wish to get more details and ideas on how and where about. I have listed here, for your reference. (*Notes are not arranged in sequential order)

Vegetables and Fruits:

While cooking –

1) To retain the fresh greenish color of the vegetables, add sugar into the boiled water to blanch vegetables. Please do not over-cook the vegetables, to keep its nutrients. read more