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My Tasty Experience of Julie & Julia’s Cooking

“Watch Julie & Julie, and learn the Julie & Julia’s menu, with Passion . Ambition & Butter!”

Yes, I wanted to cook French cuisine! And that has to do with the movie, Julie & Julia (previously reviewed in this blog posting), which features great French cooking by two Americans. You can imagine how very excited I was to have a chance to attend a cook-off session at Palate Sensations, where I learnt to cook some of the French cuisine featured in the movie.

Palate Sensations Cooking School is the location for this private cooking lesson of French menu which you may see it in the movie. This cooking school is situated at Blk 1, Wesbourne Road, #03-05 (the entrance to this place is via Whitchurch Road, off Portsdown Road and opposite Col Bar). The location might sound very far from where you usually hang out but in reality, it is actually pretty close to the Queensway area and within the Wessex estate, which has many beautiful colonial-styled buildings. read more

Julie & Julia – A great movie for Food Lovers. Bloggers. Life Inspiration Seekers.

Bon appéteeeeeeeeet!” for your eyes and ears!

Want to get inspired in your life? Desire to be engaged with fresh French cooking ideas?

Be prepared to be thoroughly involved in this very engaging movie, “Julie & Julia”. Based on the true stories of two women, this movie moved along wonderfully, sharing with the audiences, a common passion of food and taste, beautifully experienced through two separate eras.

Nuffnang, the Asia Pacific’s first blog advertising community, organized the preview screening of this inspiring movie, presented by Sony Pictures. And why am I being invited to this show? I guess that it has to do with my passion of a food blogger, which is what one of the main character in the movie, Julie, were to become in her life. read more

Wowzio Insights – Online Shopping for Kitchen Products

Wowzio Insights for Effective Online Shopping (for top-notch kitchen products) with Product Reviews”

Just came across this website by WOWZIO, offering its beautiful and functional widgets for bloggers’ posts and websites, at the same time, a special site helping users shop in a unique and useful way:

Wowzio “Insights”

I visited the site and realised that it is actually very useful, epsecially when you are looking at some kitchen products, and have no idea which is better, more functional, its comparable pricing in the market, and how to purchase it. Many comparisons of items, for instances, slow cookers, were actually from reviews write-up by real-life users. read more