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Stir-Fried Roast Pork with Salted Vegetables and Minced Garlic

“Flavoursome dish to best complement your plain porridge or hot steamed rice”

You know? Sometimes we like to eat roast pork (烧肉), so we will pack some meat from the store as dinner over lunch time. We have to leave the packed meat in the office till the night, and hence, we will normally forgo the nice chili as it will go bad if waited till the night. But, by eating just the roast pork without nice chili to go with, the taste of such scrumptious roast meat goes less appealing, I personally think so (smilling). read more

Stir Fried French Beans with Prawns

French bean isn’t long bean, eventhough their colours and shapes are similar, but the length and texture of these beans are in great difference. Frence bean is much shorter than long bean, and french bean tastes more crunchy while long bean is softer than the other, after cooked. French bean looks smoother and thicker on its skin while long bean looks more ‘wrinkled’ and thiner than the other.

I love both beans, but for different kind of cooking and recipes. I like to cook long bean with either sambal chili, or chop and mix it in the eggs to make an omelette with long beans. As for french bean, my favourite recipe, of course, is this one! read more

Vegetarian Mixed Vegetables Dish (斋什菜)

“Vegetarian dish as healthy meal. Cook it for both vegetarian and normal meals are equally good for you!”

Today is Chinese Chu Yi (初一).

We had vegetarian meals for the day, of course.

No time for extensive cooking after work, we had the simplest vegetarian dishes for dinner. This vegetarian dish is one of them, simple but flavoursome, with moderate nutrition contents. Express dinner recipe is always good for working class like you and me.

This dish takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and get cooked. read more

Stir-fried Assorted Asian Mushrooms

Assorted Asian Mushrooms, Simple, Delicious & Healthy!”

Hey! Thanks to my site reader, Pei Ying, for using my recipes for cooking in her home econ lessons! I was happy to hear that, and she motivates me to think more dishes for her future home-econ classes…

Hmm… I think home econ cooking has to be at least basic, balance nutrients, rather simple to cook and creative. Or, am I thinking too complicated (laughing)?!

Well, be it cooking for home dinner, or for your home econ lesson, try this mushroom recipe. It’s simply flavoursome! This dish has most of the above criteria, not just that, it is very delicious and compatible to eat with just a bowl of hot steamed rice. read more

Fried Prawns Fritters with Fruity Cheese Topping

“Indulge your taste buds with a treat of this cheesy and fruity fried prawns dish.”

I had leftover mozzarella cheese in my refrigerator. Did not want to keep for too long. How shall I use it to prepare dinner, besides using it for pizza making?

Actually, I intended to fry just the battered prawns which are tasty enough to eat it just by itself. Uh huh! Let me cook cheesy fried prawns then! Since all of us love cheese, might as well make it a ‘wet’ dish instead of eating it dry, right? read more

Vegetarian Curry Vegetables Dish

“Assorted Curry Vegetables, one of my favourite vegetarian dishes.”

Today is vegetarian day. First day of August, happens to be also the first day of lunar month of July this year. Chinese Lunar July is being referred as “hungry ghost month”. Chinese/ Asian also called it “seventh month”.

I remembered when I was in my teens, my mummy told us (siblings) not to go out in the night of “seventh month”. She won’t allow us to outing after 7pm. My mum believed that souls will be wandering around the street during the whole month of Lunar July, especially 14th of Lunar July, which is the actual day of “Ghost Festival”. The gate of hell will be opened to release all ghosts where many Buddhists would prepare ritualistic food offerings, burning incense and joss stick along the street, for the hungry ghosts. Quiet nights may look misty and feel eerieee… I am not going into this (bawling)! read more