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Sweet Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seeds

“Easily made Sweet Red Bean Soup to sweeten your palate and smile”

Red bean soup (with round rice balls most of the time) is commmonly cooked and to be eaten during wedding ceremony in Chinese customary. Color of red signifies happiness and fortune, while sweet dessert represents ‘sweet’ and good life. Hence, SWEET RED bean soup will be presented in many occasions such as wedding and birthday celebrations.

As for me, I like to take red bean soup regularly, for its high Vitamin B values. Some women believe in taking more red bean soup after their monthly menstruation cycle. read more

White (Snow) Fungus with Rock Sugar Dessert Soup (冰糖雪耳糖水)

“Easy-making of Premium White Fungus (or known as Snow Fungus), Lotus Seeds, Red Dates and Candied Winter Melon Strips with Rock Sugar Dessert Soup.”

This is the best dessert soup I ever tasted. I love it! However, it is quite expensive to buy from outside stores. I know a regular bowl of premium white fungus with rock sugar dessert soup costs $3 – $5. Moreover, those ‘commercial’ desserts are normally way too sweet for the palate.

Hence, I decided to cook it at home whenever I feel like having some. I can adjust the sweetness to my liking as well as adding my preference of ingredients which complement the white fungus dessert. read more

Green Mung Bean with Barley Dessert Soup

“Green (Mung) Bean Sweet Soup & Barley, Double Taste & Double Benefit”

Whenever I think of slimming food, I think of green bean.

I’ve ever came across an article on how green bean helps in slimming effect. A bowl of green bean paste/ soup (without sugar added) to be taken daily helps to lose weight. Result will be seen as fast as within a week. Frankly, I am not quite sure if it is so real. Based on my experience, it helps a little. Was it due to the green beans? Probably yes, as it aids digestion, afterall. Anyway, green bean offers nutritional benefits. read more

Dried Bean Curd, Barley with Gingko Nuts Dessert Soup (腐竹薏米白果糖水)

“Tons of good reasons for having this great dessert soup all the time!”

I cooked this dessert umpteen times and still cook it always, for my family and colleagues! Why so often? Because this dessert benefits our health and it’s tasty. Most Cantonese believed that having dessert soup daily helps to rejuvenate skin and promote better complexion. This dried bean curd, barley with gingko nuts sweet soup offers even greater health benefits. Not only the dried bean curd helps to lower cholesterol level and for better skin, barley does help to reduce risk of getting cancer, also lower cholesterol and alleviate water retention in body. Gingko nut helps to improve female genital issues such as minor vaginal discharge problem. read more

Purple Sweet Potatoes Dessert Soup

“Take this Low GI, Low GL and Relatively Low Calories Dessert!”

I liked sweet potatoes, of all ways. Baked, boiled, steamed, soup, and even fried. And all colors of it as well. So, I had to have varieties in my sweet potato soup. I preferred it with less sugar, too. Honey rock sugar would make my preffered choice, and it is good for smoothen dry throat, reduce “heatiness” and improve skin and complexion. To add better flavour to my sweet soup, I liked to use also the pandan leaf. It gives an aroma of pandan in my palate when having it. read more

Hearty Chocolate Fondue Make at Home, for Our Valentine.

Chocolate Fondue, everyone’s favourite! Make this on the Valentine’s Day, for your Valentine..”

Besides having chocolate fondue at Häagen-Dazs which costs you about $30+ for 2, you can actually enjoy this decadent dessert from home! I like to have it at home, a homemade one!

That’s another way of enjoying fruits, as dessert, too. You can have it served in minutes.

Make your own chocolate fondue isn’t difficult. Have it after dinner, weekend tea time, treats for friend’s visit to your house, and etc.. It is too simple to enjoy it at home everyday indeed, if you wish… read more