Wonton Soup (馄饨汤)

“Scrumptious wonton soup, good for an enjoyable meal, perfect for warming the heart of your loved ones! Check out my recipe and tips to make and cook good wonton soup!”

Wonton is a word transcribed from Cantonese. In mandarin, we called it 馄饨 (pronounced as “hoon toon”). It simple means irregularly shaped dumpling. The other more simplified name is 云吞 (pronounced as “yun toon”), which direct translated as cloud swallow. Either way, they all mean tiny dumplings!

I like to make wonton as it is simple and much likeable by my little one as it looks like cute tiny balls in the bowl.

The wonton skins or wrappers can be made at home from fresh dough. However, you might find it tedious to roll each wrapper to very thin sheet. Moreover, it is so convenient to buy the wrapper off-the-shelf, nowadays. They are typically sold in a vacuum-packed of square-shaped pre-made wrappers, with cornstarch dusted between these 7cmx7cm cubicle sheets to keep them from sticking together. More

Salted Vegetable and Tofu Soup (咸菜豆腐排骨汤)

“Come, have a bowl of this delicate Salted Vegetable, tofu and prime ribs soup!”

Previously, I cooked this salted vegetable tofu soup with roasted duck meat. Taste was more intensive than this prime ribs version as the ribs were not roasted/ baked, but merely blanched and boiled together with the salted vegetable in soup. I did not even add tomato this time.

I loved this version, for its delicate taste of the soup. As for the salted vegetable, I did not use much of the leafy part. I used the short stems, cut into stripes for better presentation. The stem offers more crunchy and interesting bites, if you have the habit of eating the salted vegetables in the soup. Remember to steep the vegetables for at least 3 hours (rinse it once, and change the steeping water every 1 – 2 hour). More

Old Cucumber Soup (老黄瓜汤)

“Nourishing Chinese tonic soup that helps to cool and revitalize your body”

This is the most common and popular Chinese soup in Asian countries, especially Singapore and Malaysia. Almost every Chinese family knows how to prepare this soup dish.

Whenever I drink this old cucumber (aged cucumber) soup, it will bring back memories of my childhood where we had this soup so often that even it was not cooked at home by my mum, we were sure had it when dined out for claypot chicken rice. In my impression, this old cucumber and pork ribs soup is best complement the claypot chicken rice! It reflects simplicity, yet, the taste of life. More

Express Chicken Soup with White Fungus and Button Mushrooms

“Express Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbal Spices from Seah’s, to keep your loved ones at their best at all time!”

Some might find Chinese soup too bland for the palate. Its taste has been described as drinking “plain water”, as Chinese soup is always cooked watery (not in thick consistency), and it does not taste creamy. You may realise, Chinese soup is often taste subtle and light (smile). I love Chinese soup, so as my family!

Tonight’s not any soup recipe boiling from scratch, nor it needed long hours boiling. So, one of these great choices you may consider for express and simple soup cooking even on busy weeknights is the Seah’s herbal spice for chicken soup! Taste of this chicken soup cooked with Seah’s herbal spices was fairly good, especially for how quick it was. Unlike most instant packet spices, this won’t make you feel thirsty after taste. More

Black Chicken Soup Recipe (滋补乌鸡汤)

“How about having a bowl of steamy hot nutritious Silkie (black chicken) tonic soup for tonight’s dinner?”

Silkie, or another name which is more commonly known as, black chicken. Black chicken is often used to cook in soup with Chinese herbs as it claims to be more nutritious (higer in dietary minerals) and less fat content. Silkie is whole black from its skin to even the bones. The meat is more greyish colour. Basically, beside the colour and invisible high values of nutrients, the taste and texture of meat has no much difference, to me. However, some say that the meat is not just leaner, but also softer.

Taste of this tonic soup was pleasant. It was fragrant, flavoursome with natural sweetness in the palate. Adding some Hua Diao wine is important to enhance the taste of the soup. This soup is healthy and beneficial for all in the family. More

Meat Slices and Carrot Broth (肉片汤)

“Quick delicious meat broth ready to serve within 30 minutes.”

This meat broth is my favourite as I liked soup with loads of peppery taste. I had the soup with amount of ground white pepper adjusted to my liking. Not too spicy, yet, strong and intensive peppery flavour. I think I have used almost 1 tablespoon of pepper (to be precise, I used amount of 8 ‘shakes’ of pepper bottle).

I coated the meat slices with thick layer of corn starch in order to create softer, smoother and more interesting bites of the meat. As some of the cornstarch emerges into the broth, it also made the broth thicker, and sweeter. It yielded soft, smooth and flavoursome mouthfeel of the meat. And, I loved the consistency of the soup! More

Duck Soup with Salted Vegetable & Tofu (咸菜豆腐鸭汤)

“Flavoursome duck soup that helps to reduce body ‘heatiness’.”

Salted vegetable soup is what Chinese believed to help reducing feverish body or ‘body heat’ (降火). Moreover, salted vegetable and tofu soup is my favourite. I loved having the combination cooked with duck meat.

Duck meat yields more intense flavour in the soup, especially roast duck. Yes, I prefered the roasted option, but for healthier purpose, I wouldn’t mind using fresh duck instead. If you like to eat the duck meat, use meaty or drumkstick part. As for me, I would usually use those boney parts, such as, duck neck, wings and feet from the whole roast duck to cook this soup since we do not eat those parts. As such, no food go to waste. So, we have the hot and flavoursome veggie duck soup to go along with our duck rice meal. :) More

Chinese ABC Soup with Fresh Chinese Yam Root (Huai Shan) and Dried Anchovies

“Flavourful and healthy clear vegetable soup which you have to cook it for your family. Trust me, it’s much likeable by everyone!”

There is’t special for cooking Chinese ABC vegetables soup (assorted vegetable soup) with pork ribs. But I just learnt a different way to cook it more delightful!

Maybe not to you, but it was new to me.
My friend cooked the ABC vegetables soup with dried anchovies (dried ikan bilis 江鱼仔)!
I thought the taste of dried achovies would not complement the vegetables in soup, but it does, indeed.

I added fresh Chinese Yam Root/ Huai Shan (淮山) as one of the vegetable ingredients in the soup. We liked to eat fresh Chinese Yam, eating it for its valuable nutrition contents, too (it’s good for the man.. chuckling)! More