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Silken Smooth Mashed Potato with Homemade Peppery Gravy

In Festive Gourmet, Sauce & Condiments, Sides On January 3, 2015 0 Comments

“It’s silken smooth, and flavorsome” This is my mashed potato in super smooth consistency. The secret? No secret… Simply blend the potato instead of just smashing it with… Read More »


Vegetarian Burger Patty with Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce

In 1-dish Meal, Sauce & Condiments, Vegetables & Fruits On July 15, 2014 6 Comments

“It’s easier to make this vegetarian burger meal than you think it would be. It’s yummy and healthy.” Seriously. This is the best way to ‘trick’ one that… Read More »


Spaghetti Carbonara Quick-Fix

In 1-dish Meal, Rice & Noodles, Sauce & Condiments On June 1, 2014 0 Comments

“Hassle-free quick lunch idea” This is another quick-fix. No-frills. It’s not that I don’t make my own cream sauce (homemade creamy white sauce recipe), but I thought some… Read More »


Pan-Fried Pork Belly in Korean BBQ Sauce

In Meat & Poultry, Sauce & Condiments On November 27, 2013 0 Comments

“Cooking a restaurant dish isn’t as complicated as you imagined it was.” Super easy recipe. Simply get a bottle of Korean BBQ sauce to marinade the meat. This… Read More »


Healthy Instant Making of Spicy & Creamy Alfredo Pasta

In 1-dish Meal, Advertorial, Rice & Noodles, Sauce & Condiments On November 27, 2013 0 Comments

“A modern way to cook your pasta at home in a flash!” I was contacted by this talent mum, Ms Josephine Lee, who brought a range of great… Read More »

Japanese Miso Sauce

Special Miso Sauce

In Recipe, Sauce & Condiments On April 1, 2011 0 Comments

“A savory sauce you can eat in many ways” Happened to learn a Miso sauce for pork chop cutlet from tv, as I mentioned previously. Happy to adapt… Read More »

Instant noodles with Japanese sesame sauce

Quick Japanese Sesame Sauce Noodle Dish

In 1-dish Meal, Recipe, Rice & Noodles, Sauce & Condiments On June 14, 2010 0 Comments

“Japanese sesame sauce noodle dish, simply top with your favourite ingredients to make a good additions to the dish, as desired.” This recipe came to me from one… Read More »

Soy sauce

Fragrant Soy Sauce and Condiments from Kowloon Soy Co, the Traditional Soy Shop in Central, Hong Kong Island.

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Sauce & Condiments, Tips & Info On April 13, 2010 0 Comments

“A traditional soy sauce and condiments shop in Hong Kong“ Many people told me that soy sauce made in Hong Kong is so much tastier than from any other… Read More »

Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise Sauce

In Recipe, Sauce & Condiments On October 25, 2009 0 Comments

‘Simple French recipe helps to create your perfect breakfast meal!” Hollandaise sauce is a French sauce, and it’s commonly known to complement the eating of Egg Benedict (which consists… Read More »

Roasted Garlic in Olive Oil

Roast Garlic in Olive Oil

In Recipe, Sauce & Condiments, Sides On October 16, 2009 5 Comments

“Roasted garlic in olive oil, prepare and keep it for convenient cooking use or as a sandwich spread for your toast snack!” I am glad that you have… Read More »

Tomato sauce for pizza base

Simple Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe

In Recipe, Sauce & Condiments On May 26, 2009 0 Comments

“This pizza sauce is good not only for pizza, it’s a simple tomato flavoured pasta sauce, too!” If you think it’s a waste to make a bowl of… Read More »

Italian herb blend

Italian Herbs

In Sauce & Condiments, Tips & Info On May 16, 2009 0 Comments

“Extensive aromas in your cooking with Italian herbs blend” I love this Italian Herbs seasoning! This Italian herbs blend can be widely used in cooking of pasta, lasagna,… Read More »