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Hand-Made Noodle Soup, Mee Hoon Kueh (面粉馃)

“Traditional Mee Hoon Kueh (面粉馃), made from scratch at home!”

Handmade noodle, a popular noodle dish in Singapore and Malaysia. There are many types and variations of handmade noodles, for instances, Ban Mian (板面), Mee Kia (面仔), and Mee Hoon Kueh (面粉馃), easily available at most food courts, hawker centres and coffee shops. I liked Mee Hoon Kueh (to pronounce in Hokkien dialect), because it is made with the “hand-peeled” method. However, for the commercial convenience, all handmade noodles are made with machine, instead. Ban Mian to be cut into flat noodles with about 0.5-cm wideness, Mee Gia will be rolled into long, thin & round strands, whilst Mee Hoon Kueh to be shaped into small flat squares. Those are for convenience as you would even be able to buy the raw machine-cut types at the supermarkets.. That’s why I still preferred the hand-made version from home. Real hand peeled and pressed version, with the home taste, mouthfeel and noodle texture you wouldn’t get from the machine made…. ~ read more

Plain Rice Porridge with Sweet Potato

“Light meal to your healthy diet”

Plain rice porridge? I prefer to eat it with sweet potato! Sweet potato, one of my favourite food. For its taste and high nutrition values!

I will add sweet potatoes into my rice porridge cooking whenever I cook plain porridge meal. Yellow flesh potatoes will be more ideal in cooking with plain porridge as the texture of yellow flesh potatoes is more solid, and hence, it will not be easily disintegrate even with long boiling method e.g. cooking with porridge or in soup. However, I still prefer to use orange flesh ones. It is simply because orange flesh potato tastes sweeter. I can eat it with plain porridge just like an additional dish to my porridge meal. :) read more

Macaroni Soup with Seaweed

“Healthy & Light Meal for the Family tonight! Tasty Macaroni in Clear Soup!”

“Special delivery” to Ray, my reader. He requested a Macaroni soup recipe, and I thank him for liking my recipes!

Soup-based Macaroni suits all diets. It’s a low fat and healthy! Easy to make, it takes me less than 30 minutes to get it served. No long hour boiling is required.

I added mixed peas. These mixed peas make the dish much more appetizing and presentable. Kids love colours, don’t they. Not just that, these mixed peas complement the taste of the bland macaroni. Scope and eat them together makes your soup macaroni meal more interesting! read more

Javanese Fried Rice

“Javanese Fried Rice”

Owing this recipe to my site visitor, Babette, she asked me if I have Java fried rice last Thursday. So, this dish was cooked specially for her. Of course, we were the ones who got to eat the rice (chuckling).

The Java-style fried rice is spicy flavour. I added curry powder, but it was not where the spiciness comes from. It was the sambal belacan (aka shrimp paste chili) that contributed to the spiciness. You may vary the amount of sambal belacan, to your preference. Both curry powder and sambal belanca made this fried rice an extra flavoursome one! read more

Singapore Laksa (with All-in-One Laksa Paste Pack)

It’s Laksa time! (Laksa: Coconut Milk Curry)

Yes, it was laksa, again. I knew I had already posted laksa in the Low-Fat Singapore Laksa recipe, but this laksa recipe was more like a review of the ‘All-in-One curry laksa paste pack’.

My mother, who loved curry laksa, recommended this laksa paste of Prima Taste brand. With good reference, I did not hesitate to pay $5.75 for a pack of laksa paste.

This laksa pack comes with coconut milk in powder form. Other than the laksa paste and coconut milk, it also includes sambal chili (chili paste), and dried coriander leaves for garnishing. This makes laksa-making process an easy one. Hassle-free, and most suitable for quick home-cooking. read more

Low-Fat Spaghetti with Home Made White Sauce

“Delicate homemade white sauce in the faster recipe”

Remember I used to go Clarke Quay with my close female friends for dinner quite often, for a dinner gathering or before hitting to the high spots on Friday nights. We liked to dine in the French restaurants for their delicious spaghetti or pasta meal.

Nowadays, I do not dine out so often. I do home-cooking, home-cooked spaghetti, with my home-made spaghetti white sauce.

There is always better to cook at home than dine-out, spend at lower cost to get better quality food (Of course, it’s without crew services, and you have to wash your own utensils after cooked and plates after meal!). I added prawns to my ham and mushroom spaghetti. read more