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Dark Rum Pork Chop

“What’s for dinner tonight? See my simple “T-bone” pork chop with dark rum recipe.”

I tried making a 5-course Italian-Western dinner at home last week. It was my first trial making western meal at home, and felt so excited when first started. It was a hectic experience where I tried to managing everything, all at a time as hoping to have each course served pleasantly and warm. Finally, it was done quite to my expectation. They had hot steamy food, one course after another, while I was busy acting like a chef in the kitchen, and came to the dining table to have a munch or two quickly, before going back to the kitchen again for preparing food of next course. Well, my effort pays! They were very satisfied with the taste and presentation of food I’ve prepared for them (winking smile). read more

House Specialty Fried Chicken Wings

“Impress your loved ones with these extensively flavoursome fried chicken mid-joints and drumlets!”

This is my house specialty chicken wing dish with simple preserved red beancurd.
Again, simple and quick recipe is my forte, same goes to this dish!

Not the standard oyster sauce flavour which I used to cook, taste of fried chicken wing never the same again!

8 – 9 medium Chicken mid-joints
8 – 9 medium Chicken drumlets (winglets)
2 cubes of preserved red beancurd (Chinese translation: 红腐乳)
1 cube of chicken stock essence cube, chilled it first
2 tablespoon of self raising flour
read more

Kou Rou with Taro Yam (芋头扣肉)

“Steamed Taro and Pork Belly (Yu Tou Kou Rou 芋头扣肉)”

We loved Kou Rou (扣肉), and I loved it even more if it’s cooked with yam (means taro, we called it yam here in SG)!

My previous post on Mei Cai Kou Rou was done without adding yam. This time, I did.

I believed adding the yam to ‘Kou Rou’ dish originated by Teochew cuisine. Not too sure,  but one thing I was certain that it made the dish even more wonderful! Just swap the Mei Cai with yam and pork belly,  or adding yam to the Mei Cai Kou Rou, works as well. read more

Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables (Mei Cai) Recipe (梅菜扣肉)

“Homemade ‘Mei Cai Kou Rou’ (梅菜扣肉) can be as good as restaurant standard”

Hey, it may not be as good as restaurant chef, but it is for sure very delicious for a homemade version (chuckling)!

I cooked it at home as outside is selling expensive for this pork dish. I could understand why as its preparation and cooking methods are kinda complex.

I took me for than 2 hours to get this dish done, from steeping of preserved vegetables (梅菜) to steaming the pork belly. Well, it was because each detail has to be executed in orderly manner for great result. However, it may look deceptively complicated, but after the frying step, it should be alright, as it left only the steaming, and then, the presentation part that matters. read more

Slow-Fried Pork Meat With Potatoes

“Home-tasted dish that never fails you!”

I am not a pork lover. In fact, seldom eat it. However, I really loved this particular pork meat dish!

It is so “motherly” taste, I shall say. Just close your eyes, flash back your childhood moment where your mum’s home-cooking scent emerges in the air that you can even smell it at the door step upon reaching home from school. Yes, that it is. From my mum.

Loved the fragrance and taste of this dish which I’ve learnt from my mum (smile). read more

Fried Pork Ribs with Fermented Red Soy Bean Curd (炸南乳排骨)

“Aromatic dish, for the scent and taste.”

I find this dish tastes much better and chewy in the palate when using pork ribs in this recipe. Use of 3-layer-pork is nice, too, if you prefer to eat it with some fat.

The fragrance of the fried rib mingles in the palate and creates a very pleasant after-taste. However, some might find it a little salty due to the red soy bean curd. Do not reduce the amount of this red soy bean curd, but you may cut short its marinating time. The longer you marinate it, the saltier taste it will be. Same thing, if you wish to yield a more intensive taste, marinate it overnight! read more