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Fish & Shells

Assam Prawn

“Mouth-watering Spicy Saucy Assam Prawns, don’t you forget to cook more rice tonight?!”

I have the dried Spicy Tamarind Prawn, I am now featuring the “with Sauce” recipe!

This is a little different as I used tomatoes. First to neutralise a little of its strong spiciness, and also, to have some pleasant sourish taste in the dish.

The very appetizing sauce in this recipe yields flavour of sweet and sour, it’s reminiscent of Assam, with additional spicy taste. I called it Spicy Assam sauce. This recipe would be well-liked by whom does not really take much spicy food. Of course, I love it! Did not eat much prawns, I mixed its gravy with a large bowl of rice. It gave the same satisfaction to my taste bud. Let’s see: read more

Spicy Tamarind Prawns

“Spicy Tamarind Prawns that whet your appetite. Double your rice intake with it!”

I had no idea what to do with the prawns in the refrigerator and I must cook it by today as fresh prawns weren’t be able to keep for long.  Hmm.. wanted something spicy to excite my appetite. Ok! Would do an express cooking with the prawns this time, since it was a weekday. Simple condiment which could be found anytime in my kitchen, I made the spicy tamarind prawns.

My cooking method is also very simple. See below: read more

Simple Baked Cheesy Scallops Recipe

“Luscious yet Simple-Making Valentine’s Dish Most Ideal For Your Loved One Who Prefer A Stay-Home Celebration”

If you agree with me that going out for romantic dining during the yearly Valentine’s Day, is a waste of money, try to create your own romantic menu at home then!

You will definitely enjoy this simple-making, and yet, quality seafood dish which romance you and your loved one on this specially romantic occasion. Surprise sweetheart in this coming Valentine’s Day celebration! read more

Simple, Healthy & Delicious Teochew Steamed White Pomfret (潮州蒸白鲳)

“Check out what’s good for eating more FISHES! See fresh White Pomfret, the perfect fish for steaming style. Loved by whole family, healthy and delicious dish which never fails to impress your loved ones! Prosperity Pomfret (年年有余)”

I steamed Teochew-style with Sea Bass, but Sea Bass is not the most popular fish type to make an authentic Teochew steam fish. So, I used the genuine fish type this time, the white Pomfret! Teow chew style steamed fish will be cooked together with other sides such as bean curd aka tofu, salted vegetables and tomato, sometimes. read more

Curry Clams (咖喱蝲蝲)

“Quick Clams Recipe and Delicious Clams Dish in Curry Flavour!”

Yes, I cooked clams again.

Slightly different kind of clam. The shell is thicker, rounder in shape and darker in colour. This kind of clam is more common in Singapore. This thicker shelled clam is similar to the thinner one I used in my previous post (Chili & Tomato Sauces Clams recipe here), but I find the flesh of this clam is fuller and more juicy.

In Singapore and Malaysia, we called the clam as “La La (蝲蝲)” in Chinese, but the actual name of clam in Chinese is (pronounce in mandarin as: ge li, 蛤蜊), while in Cantonese, they like to call it (pronounce in cantonese as: hin, 蜆). Whatever you call it, I love 蝲蝲! I cooked it in curry this time! Curry flavour, more robust and tasty, which goes so well with hot steamed rice! Yummy…. read more

Stir-Fried Chili Clams

“Clams, one of the most likeable seafood dishes to be easily cooked at home.”

Clams required little preparation for cooking which made this seafood one of the popular dishes in various cuisines. The fresh clams were decently priced and sold at the wet market and supermarkets, too.  However, they might be seasonal and not so widely available, at times. So, grab them once you see them. It’s not only for the appetite, clams are actually packed with nutrients, mainly iron, Vitamin B12, selenium, manganese, protein. Yes, it’s really great for the brain and skin. read more