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Lemon Vinegar Juice

“Lemon. Vinegar for slimming, for health?”

After one month of consumption of banana vinegar, I decided to switch I having lemon vinegar. Wasn’t sure which is more effective on loosing weight, but I knew they serve slightly different slimming purposes.

As banana vinegar helps more on blocking carbs by having the banana on site, the lemon vinegar helps in preventing constipation problem. Both help in slimming, in a way.

I have been taking this lemon vinegar for about 2 months now, none of the days had it stop me from going toilet smoothly. :D I read that it should even helps in getting rid of stubborn excreta in our bowel. So, do not be alarmed if you see very dark color stool.

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Apple Salmon Soup

“A soup with natural sweetness that your child would not reject.”

This soup is more for your toddler, but of course, you may cook this for yourself and the other adults, too, if you do not mind sweet tasting soup for lunch.

Yes, I cooked this for my son’s lunch meal. Son doesn’t eat much at lunch since he always on full breakfast. He likes soup, he likes fish, he likes apple. So this is the perfect soup meal for him. Healthy, balanced, natural sweetness, yet, flavorsome. Son finished whole big bowl of soup including the fish and apples as well as other ingredients in it.

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Banana Vinegar (香蕉醋)

“Good sharing on dieting ideas”

Talking about dieting…. The vinegar dieting is back on demand! Heating up again gradually…. I am one of the followers on this diet. One of my dieting methods, now.

I don’t think there are much scientific proof, besides having concrete findings that vinegar helps in body cleansing and detoxification (or similar effect). However, it does not equal to sure-successful weight lose effect. Only many (too many) hear-say that it helps a lot in slimming down, especially after the testimonial from one of the Japanese celebrity who lost 8kg in a month, many years ago. This vinegar diet has, then, become so popular and believing.

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Lactation Cookies for Diet Watcher

“Lactation cookies, diet cookies, or brain-boosting cookies? All in ones.”

I have been eating overnight oat porridge in the past weeks, for milk supply as well as losing weight. No more eating out breakfast at McDonald or IKEA Cafe, I determined to shed away the unwanted fat from my last pregnancy! However, I really need to go out early in the morning tomorrow, I couldn’t stay back for oat meal breakfast… there suddenly had an urge to bake some lactation cookies. I guess I could just bring some cookies out with me tomorrow morning, and to have these cookies for tea in the next two weeks!

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Overnight Oat Porridge

“Many reasons to start eating healthy oat meal porridge”

It has been in trend to make overnight oat meal for breakfast in the breastfeeding community, but I have more reasons to start having it on daily basis. Not only for increasing break milk supply, I need this healthy low-fat meal to kick start my dieting plan, too.

However, as many would agree, who likes oat porridge?! So many people, including myself, were having this impression that oat meal is for the sick patient, and it taste yucky…. but but, let me tell you now, it’s not true!

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Marie France Bodyline to the Rescue

“Slimming treatment in need?”

I was offered to try out a new slimming program at MarieFrance (“MF”) last week. To be exact, two treatments. The award-winning =&0=&, and a new body wrap therapy with so many effective active ingredients (*posted in my previous post) named =&1=&

What a great chance since I am still in the process of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, though it’s already 6 month since my baby boy was born!

I used to have my usual diet program and supplement that helpme effectively. However, as I am still breastfeeding my baby and going to continue to breastfeed as long as possible, I have to put my dieting program on hold. So, I always wonder if I could get any professional help to expedite my weight lost during this period, and lucky to know, these slimming treatments from MF spot on! If you are curious what the treatments are about, here I am sharing some details with you. The first trial slimming treatment I had – the=&2=& =&4=& =&5=& Specially created to eliminate stubborn fat deposits from undesirable spots like love handles, flabby upper arms and thighs, this non-invasive technology incorporates proven techniques of ultrasound fat breaking and Marie France Bodyline’s signature Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) body wrap concept.
The FMS works by encouraging the depletion of heat energy from within the body thereby forcing the body to compensate for the loss of heat energy by tapping into its accumulated storage of fats to “burn off” as energy. Clients get a further booster of Anti-Cellulite Serum with deep tissue detoxification massage forenhanced results.
Recommended Treatment Areas
1.                  Front and back thighs 2.                  Thighs and calves 3.                  Front and back upper arms 4.                  Love handles Treatment received on my back thighs. =&7=&=&8=& 1.                  Body treatment areas are cleansed with a warm towel 2.                  Preparation of Ultrasound Gel and Anti cellulite serum mixture 3.                  Application of Intelect mobile ultrasound with serum mixture for 9 minutes per area (i.e.9 minutes each for 2 areas)  4.                  Massage with Anti Cellulite serum for 20 minutes 5.                  FMS wrap on treated areas for 20 minutes It was certainly apleasant and relaxing experience. The service staff and therapists were friendly and always carry a smile with them. During the entire process, I was well informed by the therapist every step she was going to proceed as well as the duration of each procedure beforehand. I liked it this way, so that you would not be caught in surprise for what they are doing on you, especially if you are first time there. =&9=& =&11=&45 minutes 

Usual Price: The Intelect Spot Shaping Treatment is available at all Marie France Bodyline outlets in Singapore at S$360 per session.

Contour Sculpt Body System

Yes, this is the new body wrap therapy just launched in Singapore. My treatment areas were the tummy and thighs.

Body wrap treatment is usually what people hates as it deems a long boring wait, lying down on the bed in the treatment room and do nothing, but a wait (or sleep). However, this CSBS body wrap turns out to be one of my favourite treatment. I never ‘waited’. They actually transferred me to another cozy room with a comfortable sofa seat. During the process, I just had to sit down, enjoyed my magazine and drinks while treated in the wrap on my lower body. In the end, I think 25 minutes was a little too short (laughing)! 

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