About My Wok Life

A food blog with recipes of various home cooked dishes.

My Wok Life, a website which administrated by PatriCa BB, since June 2008. My Wok Life is the gastronome with genuinely delicious home-flavor dishes. Featuring recipes are mainly created (and adapted interestingly) by PatriCa BB. It’s a place to find distinctively delectable treats, information & tips on cooking and dieting. Readers will also get to read about her favourite dining-out places and food, in and outside Singapore, which she sincerely thinks are worth recommending. My Wok Life is sharing ideas to maintain fitness, too! Creation of recipes as well as media postings for food & cooking events/ programs are also part of My Wok Life’s ventures.

My Wok Life, is about food & recipes. Of course, it’s all about sharing.

If you have any queries on My Wok Life, please contact PatriCa, anytime, any day.

2 thoughts on “About My Wok Life

  1. Maisie Reply

    Hi Patrica,

    I am writing from Brand New Media and we run a digital food channel call Food for life tv (www.foodforlifetv.sg/).

    We are looking for food bloggers to appear on either our Blogger Cook Off or Video Blogs on the channel.

    Do let us know if you are interested? If you are, we would need your help with doing a video casting. I hope to hear from you.


    1. PatriCa BB Reply

      Hi Maisie,

      Please write to me in my email. Thanks!

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